September 24th, 2012

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Post-London 2012 Olympics Audit: Most Popular Community Tags

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Regular readers of The Umbrella Organisation will know that I do a quarterly audit of the most frequently used "tags" on the community.

I have just done a post-Olympics (London 2012) audit and the results are in!

Top 3

1) benedict cumberbatch — 250 uses
2) national theatre — 240 uses
3) BBC — 224 uses

This community continues to be founded and built on the very firm foundations of Benedict Cumberbatch and the National Theatre. Benedict Cumberbatch and the National Theatre have been THE most popular tags since the community began! But the BBC has now pipped Sherlock to third place.

The image below combines the two most popular tags - Benedict Cumberbatch and the National Theatre!

Benedict Cumberbatch, the Creature in Frankenstein, National Theatre, 2011
The Half Exhibition, Simon Annand
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Numbers 4-10:

4) theatre — 208 uses
5) sherlock — 208 uses
6) tv — 201 uses
7) big society — 196 uses
8) politics — 193 uses
9) film — 165 uses
10) andrew scott — 127 uses

The next 7 most popular topics are a mix of theatre, TV, and film; Sherlock (of course!); big society and politics; and Andrew Scott has now overtaken Mark Gatiss to take the much coveted tenth place! So, as it says on the can, a bit random!