September 18th, 2012

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The Judas Kiss, Hampstead Theatre

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Cut and pasted from the Hampstead Theatre:

The Judas Kiss by David Hare
6 September - 13 October 2012

Oscar Wilde’s dangerous philosophy leads him on a path to destruction. The Judas Kiss describes two pivotal moments on that path: the day Wilde decides to stay in England and face imprisonment, and the night, after his release two years later, when the lover for whom he risked everything betrays him.

With a quiet but burning sense of outrage, David Hare presents the consequences of taking an uncompromisingly moral position in a world defined by fear, expedience and conformity.

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Please note this is now sold out for the whole of its run at the Hampstead although you can queue for returns.

Raks's Review

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Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde
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Freddie Fox as Bosie
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A brilliant play - very powerful and moving. Exceptional acting. That combination completely broke my heart in two. This is a real-life story that is more tragic and contains more pain than a Shakespearean tragedy. Being imprisoned and denied liberty was tough enough, but Wilde's enforced exile away from his children who were so dear to him, and the London he loved with such a passion, combined with his one true love abandoning him in his hour of greatest need, completely broke him. How could we as a nation and a people do this to one of our greatest playwrights? I am at a loss.