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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

01:10 am: rakspatel The Return of Dr Who: The Asylum of the Daleks  4 comments
02:00 am: rakspatel Protect Free Speech in the UK: Reform Section 5 of the Public Order Act
04:35 pm: rakspatel Edward Scissorhands, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
01:12 pm: rakspatel Mark Haddon - Platform, National Theatre
01:02 am: rakspatel Today: The Scapegoat, starring Andrew Scott, TV Preview and Q&A, BFI  2 comments
08:43 am: rakspatel NT Live Today: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, National Theatre  6 comments
11:45 pm: rakspatel The Mayor's Thames Festival - 8 and 9 September 2012
12:19 am: rakspatel Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall
10:15 pm: rakspatel The Sherlock Holmes Society of London: Pilgrimage to Switzerland, 2012
07:10 am: rakspatel Dr Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, BBC1 today  5 comments
12:46 am: rakspatel The Scapegoat, starring Andrew Scott, ITV1 9pm today  8 comments
12:41 am: rakspatel Our Boys, Duchess Theatre  7 comments
01:23 am: rakspatel Join the Secular Europe Campaign on the annual march and rally for secularism
10:39 am: rakspatel Peter Tatchell Foundation: Please consider supporting and connecting with us
11:12 pm: rakspatel All Out: Free Roger and end Cameroon's laws against homosexuality  1 comment
11:36 pm: rakspatel Dr Who: A Town Called Mercy  5 comments
11:57 pm: rakspatel Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC1, Saturday 15 September  2 comments
01:26 am: rakspatel Secular Europe Campaign Annual March and Rally, Sat 15 Sept 2012
02:00 am: rakspatel Back to the Future
02:30 am: rakspatel The Judas Kiss, Hampstead Theatre  4 comments
02:33 am: rakspatel Equal Partners Campaign: Sign our Petition now!, courtesy The Independent
02:00 am: rakspatel Congratulations Peter Tatchell on winning the Lifetime Achievers Award @ National Diversity Awards!
02:54 am: rakspatel Dr Who: The Power of Three  2 comments
01:15 am: rakspatel National Diversity Awards 2012, Manchester
02:56 am: rakspatel 56th BFI London Film Festival, 10-21 October 2012
11:34 am: rakspatel Film trailer released for real-life story of two gay teenagers publicly hung in Iran
12:39 pm: rakspatel "How to survive a plague" on AIDS activism opens in selected US cinemas this weekend
02:48 am: rakspatel Post-London 2012 Olympics Audit: Most Popular Community Tags
12:36 am: rakspatel Peter Tatchell Wins Lifetime Achiever Award, National Diversity Awards 2012
12:37 pm: captivebird Wreckers  1 comment
02:23 am: rakspatel All Out: Acceptance has no exceptions. Period.
12:12 am: rakspatel Out4Marriage Campaign Videos: We are all Out4Marriage, Are you?
07:34 pm: rakspatel Jumpy, Duke of York's
10:17 pm: rakspatel Sherlock Cluedo Board Game Coming Soon!   4 comments
03:50 pm: rakspatel Dr Who: The Angels Take Manhattan, today, 7.20pm, BBC1  9 comments