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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

03:56 am: rakspatel Chariots of Fire, Gielgud
01:23 pm: rakspatel Parades End, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC  3 comments
02:31 am: rakspatel Courtesy David Harewood's Twitter
01:40 pm: rakspatel Brand New Elementary Promo courtesy Den of Geek
12:33 am: rakspatel LGBT Pride House banned at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Protesters picket Sochi exhibition in London
10:29 am: rakspatel All Out: Time to end gay "cures"
09:27 am: rakspatel Eric Liddell: The Olympic Athlete I admire the most and why
04:11 pm: rakspatel Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Adventure by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
02:42 am: rakspatel Brand New Elementary Promo (second one) courtesy Den of Geek
12:20 am: rakspatel Sherlock: The Casebook Revealed, courtesy Radio Times
12:27 am: rakspatel Benedict Cumberbatch in the first trailer for Parade's End, courtesy Radio Times
10:32 am: rakspatel The Black Audience - Platform, National Theatre
12:34 pm: rakspatel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, National Theatre  2 comments
08:56 pm: rakspatel The Imposter, Preview Screening and Q&A, Brixton Ritzy and Picturehouses Nationwide
11:40 pm: rakspatel Proud, Lost Theatre
04:46 am: rakspatel Benedict on the cover of this week's Big Issue!  3 comments
11:03 pm: rakspatel All Out: Putin has gone too far; Russian freedom under attack
09:36 am: rakspatel Parade's End Starts Tonight, Friday 24 August, BBC2 9pm  1 comment
12:07 pm: rakspatel Julius Caesar, RSC, Noel Coward Theatre
02:30 pm: rakspatel Sherlock Series 3: Episode Title Clues - Rat, Wedding, Bow  1 comment
12:10 am: rakspatel London Road, National Theatre
02:07 am: rakspatel The Scapegoat, starring Andrew Scott, TV Preview and Q&A, BFI  3 comments
10:29 am: rakspatel Goodbye, BFI   2 comments
11:52 am: rakspatel Bank Holiday Monday Treat: One Direction, courtesy GayStarNews (GSN)
02:08 pm: rakspatel Notting Hill Carnival 2012
01:23 am: rakspatel Human Rights v Human Wrongs, Peter Tatchell talk to the Central London Humanists
12:53 am: rakspatel Decriminalise Homosexuality Worldwide