July 17th, 2012

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Prick Up Your Ears, BFI

Photo credit: http://dasfilmblog.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/review-prick-up-your-ears.html

Cut and pasted from the BFI website:

Prick Up Your Ears
Starring Gary Oldman, Alfred Molina and Vanessa Redgrave
Directed by Stephen Frears
Year: 1987

Alan Bennett adapts John Lahr's biography of Joe Orton - playwright, serial cottager and celebrity.

Oldman's spellbinding performance as Joe Orton - playwright, serial cottager and celebrity - was supported by Alfred Molina in a selfless performance as possessive lover Keith Halliwell. Based on John Lahr's biography, adapted by Alan Bennett, this is a film with a cast of genius that resonates with exuberance and sadness. Vanessa Redgrave is the deliciously dotty Peggy Ramsay, and Frances Barber is Joe's long-suffering sister. Essential gay history and great entertainment. One of Frears' finest.

Follow the link for the full production information and to buy tickets:

Raks's Reaction

I know the story of Joe Orton's life (I saw a BBC drama about it in my youth) but today was the first time I have seen this film. I absolutely loved it! It was truly exceptional. Gripping from start to finish. Very very very highly recommended.

It gave a real sense and flavour of the time and place ie London in the 60s and what it was like to be a gay man at a time when homosexuality was illegal and cottaging was rife in a pre-AIDS era.

Couple of choice lines from the film:
"They are homosexuals you know". "In Islington?"!
"Islington is on the up. The pub does salads"!

The final screening at the BFI is on Saturday 21 July at 6.15pm - Go see!

If you can't get to the screening you can buy the DVD from Amazon for under £5:

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Shakespeare Uncovered: David Tennant on Hamlet, BBC2 tonight

Photo credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/6645908/David-Tennants-Hamlet-featured-real-human-skull-all-along-admits-RSC.html

Cut and pasted from the Radio Times:

Shakespeare Uncovered: David Tennant on Hamlet

David Tennant, who played Hamlet in a 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production, explores the different approaches actors have taken to the role of the troubled Danish prince. Alongside Simon Russell Beale and Ben Whishaw, he explores why the play is often regarded as Shakespeare's finest work, and examines how 16th-century audiences might have reacted to it. He also explains why he believes its popularity has endured to the present day, and how its themes continue to resonate in the modern world.

The programme screens on BBC2 at 11.20pm today.

Follow the link to the full article:
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Timon of Athens, National Theatre: Press Night Tonight

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It is the National Theatre's Timon of Athens Press Night tonight so Good Luck NT!

I am sure the production will be amazing as it is directed by Nick Hytner!

Cut and pasted from the National Theatre Website:

Timon of Athens
by William Shakespeare

Wealthy friend to the rich and powerful, patron of the arts, ostentatious host, Timon of Athens showers gifts and hospitality on the city’s elite. He vastly outspends his resources but, finding his coffers empty, reassures his loyal steward that all will be well.

When he calls upon his erstwhile associates, instead of offering help, they hang him out to dry. After a final, vengeful banquet, Timon withdraws to a literal and emotional wasteland, living off roots and pouring ever more surreal curses on a morally bankrupt Athens.

Simon Russell Beale takes the title role in Shakespeare’s strange fable of conspicuous consumption, debt and ruin, written in collaboration with Thomas Middleton.

For full production details, photo galleries, and to book tickets follow the link:

National Theatre Live:
Timon of Athens will be broadcast to cinemas across the UK and around the world on 1 November 2012 as part of National Theatre Live.