May 22nd, 2012

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Ballet Revolución, Peacock Theatre

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Cut and pasted from the Sadler's Wells Website:

Ballet Revolución is an explosive fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and hip hop from a company of supremely talented Cuban dancers and live musicians.

They have already bowled over audiences throughout Australia and now they prepare to cast their Cuban spell on audiences in London for the first time.

The outstanding live band will perform popular hits from Shakira, Ricky Martin, Beyoncé, Usher, Prince and many more, while the phenomenal dancers display their raw athleticism and virtuosity in dance styles from classical ballet to salsa, samba and even martial arts.

The show closed on Saturday (19 May) which is when I saw it.

Raks's Reaction

I don't really have the language to talk about dance so what I will say about this show is that it was high energy, high impact, fast and furious, non-stop, colourful, vibrant and I loved it!

This is advertised as "Ballet with Attitude" but it is unlike any Ballet I have ever seen before!

There was a real range and depth of variety in the dance styles and the music. I really liked that.

The male dancers were just phenomenal. They were masculine (100%), strong, powerful, fit, hot and their dancing was just mind-blowing. Their technique was exceptional. Any boys and young men watching this would realise very quickly that dancing is not for sissies, but for masculine, strong, powerful, athletic men. They would see that dancing was cool, hip and street. It was a great advertisement for dance full-stop.

The live band, and the live music, made all the difference, and took the show to another level. I loved especially the focus and emphasis on rhythm, drums and percussion. And the songs couldn't get any better - I especially loved Shakira's "Hips don't lie" and Ricky Martin's classic "She bangs, she bangs"!

The whole show was just overflowing with the joy of life. There was a real party atmosphere throughout the show, but especially at the end. It was a spectacle and a carnival all rolled into one.

More of these types of cutting-edge "raw" shows in London's West End please!