May 21st, 2012

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Coalition for Equal Marriage

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Please ACT NOW.

Visit the Coalition for Equal Marriage's Website:

Step One: Sign The Petition
I support the right of two people in love to get married, regardless of gender. It's only fair.
This petition is restricted to UK residents, aged 16 and over.

Step Two: Complete the Consultation
Responding to the consultation offers the best way of helping the proposals to succeed.

Step Three: Email Your MP
Use the automated tool to email your MP, even if you're not sure who they are exactly!

Please, if you support equal marriage, do at least one of these three things and, preferably, all three!


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Walk for Life on behalf of Terrence Higgins Trust, Sunday 20 May 2012

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Walk for Life: Supporting people living with HIV in poverty

Walk for Life, Terrence Higgins Trust's annual 10k sponsored walk through central London, took place yesterday, on Sunday 20 May 2012.

All funds raised from Walk for Life go towards providing vital grants for people living with HIV in severe financial need through their Hardship Fund. The Fund will offer invaluable support to some of the most vulnerable people with HIV, allowing them to afford basic necessities like warm clothing, healthy food and the fare to get to the hospital - helping them to keep their dignity and stay healthy despite severe financial difficulties.

The Walk for Life Website is here:

Raks's Story

As you can see from the image above, this year there was a Kings and Queens theme. I went dressed as an Indian Maharani. I recycled the wedding tiara from my real wedding to very good effect!

I started at 11am and finished at about 1.15pm. I was pleased with that, especially as it did not rain, the walk was relatively easy, and my legs did not ache at the end!

Here are a few photo highlights:

Me at the start:

Me at Southwark Cathedral (one of my new spiritual homes):

Me at the end with my medal:

I always take a photo of my tired feet. This photo is especially for two of my strongest supporters, both Cumberbatchfans. It will speak to them!

Finally, a close-up of my medal, which I am very proud of!

My personal target was £250, although I wanted to raise £500. Today, my running total hit £310.00 (£352.50 including Gift Aid). THANK YOU to my very kind and generous sponsors.

So, if you wanted to sponsor me, it is still not too late. My fundraising page will remain active for at least the next month. You can donate here:

It was the 4th time I had done the Walk for Life - I will be back again next year!