April 28th, 2012

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Pericles, National Theatre of Greece, Globe to Globe, Shakespeare's Globe

Photo credit: http://press.shakespearesglobe.com/media-gallery/theatre/2012-globe-to-globeimages?viewMedia=62

I had my first experience of Globe to Globe today. It was Pericles in Greek performed by the National Theatre of Greece. It is a play I have not seen or read before, but I read the synopsis and a quick guide to the play in advance, as I always do when I am seeing a Shakespeare play I have not experienced before. Having seen this production, I now feel that I know Pericles very well indeed - the plot, the characters, and the heart and soul of the play - and I got all that even when I could not understand a single word of what was being spoken!

I just wanted to write my gut reaction rather than a long and detailed review. My gut reaction was ... WOW! The Globe was packed to the rafters and the atmosphere was amazing; it was electric. As the actors were speaking in Greek, and a significant proportion of their audience (including me!) would not necessarily speak or understand Greek, they had to rely on acting, and conveying their meaning, with their eyes, their faces, their gestures and their bodies. The Globe did help us out a bit by having two caption boards which would flag the basic story outline and the key plot developments. Both the actors and the audience really entered into the spirit of bringing Shakespeare to life in a foreign language (ie not English). I thought it was fabulous; it was a privilege and a truly magical experience to see a theatre company from abroad come over here and own the stage and get that kind of audience reaction. It was really special.

I loved it! Well done the Globe!

Tomorrow, I am going to see Twelfth Night in Hindi by the Company Theatre.

1 down, 9 to go - Bring it on!

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