April 12th, 2012

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The Custard Boys, Tabard Theatre

Photo credit: http://www.boteproductions.co.uk/

I have now decided to start to make recommendations for upcoming productions. Obviously, at the time of writing, I do not know if they will be good productions, but I am promoting them on the basis of the play (the story), the playwright, the director, or the actors. The first example of this was I tipped Chariots of Fire at the Hampstead Theatre. I am now moving onto the fringe and I am tipping The Custard Boys at the Tabard Theatre.

Cut and pasted from the Tabard Theatre website:

Boys of the Empire Productions present the World Premiere of THE CUSTARD BOYS, Tabard Theatre
Based on the novel by John Rae
Adapted and directed by Glenn Chandler
10 April - 12 May 2012

The Custard Boys: A play about love, war and grown-up stuff

Five London schoolboys are evacuated to a Norfolk seaside village, far from Hitler's bombs. They want to fight for England but are too young to join up and too old to wait. They join the school army cadet force and learn to fire rifles, they form a gang and play at being soldiers. But it is not real war.

Sixteen year old John Curlew dreams of being a Spitfire pilot. Mark Stein is Jewish and a pacifist refugee who hates the war and longs for it to end. When these two boys are thrown together and form a romantic bond, their friendship splits the group and invites fear and prejudice. But it is a challenge to a rival gang which becomes the catalyst for a sinister train of events. While men die in their thousands overseas, in a small corner of rural England a group of schoolboys embark on a final war game which will lead ultimately to tragedy.

The Custard Boys was filmed in the 1960s as Reach for Glory and is a story of sexual awakening, loyalty and betrayal which was compared upon publication to Lord of the Flies.

Follow the link for more details, to view the teaser trailer, and to book tickets:

Boys of the Empire Website is here:
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Love, Love, Love, by Mike Bartlett, Royal Court

Photo credit: http://www.royalcourttheatre.com/whats-on/love-love-love

I am tipping this on the basis that Mike Bartlett, who wrote 13, is the playwright.

Cut and pasted from the Royal Court Website:

Love, Love, Love by Mike Bartlett
27 April to 2 June 2012
Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, Royal Court

1967. Kenneth and Sandra meet, and it’s a whole new world.

A fiery relationship is sparked in the haze of the 60s, and charred by today’s brutal realities.

From passion to paranoia, Love, Love, Love takes on the baby boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble.

By the way, the cast is AMAZING!

Follow the link for the full details and to book tickets:
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Birthday by Joe Penhall, Royal Court

Photo credit: http://www.thenotebookmagazine.com/index.php/category/culture/theatre/

I am tipping this on the basis that Joe Penhall, who wrote Blue/Orange and Haunted Child (see image above), is the playwright.

Cut and pasted from the Royal Court Website:

Birthday by Joe Penhall
22 June to 4 August 2012
Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, Royal Court

Lisa and Ed are having another baby. Determined to do things differently this time, it’s proving a bumpy ride. This is a whole new birth plan.

Joe Penhall’s audacious new play arrives at the Royal Court kicking and screaming.

Follow the link for the full details and to book tickets:
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BME Londoners manifesto: A manifesto for hope and recovery

Photo credit: http://www.obv.org.uk/news-blogs/bme-londoners-manifesto-manifesto-hope-and-recovery

Cut and pasted from the Operation Black Vote (OBV) website:
BME groups and individuals have put together a dynamic Black London manifesto. At its core, it calls upon the Mayor to help restore confidence between BME communities and the police, to creatively tackle BME unemployment and depravation by unlocking business potential in urban areas, and recognising the social, business and education hubs’ Black led churches and other faith groups can be. However, these are our ideas. What do you think, are there others?

I have commented and you can read my comments here:

I have covered the following topics:
- Islamophobia and Muslim communities;
- Other Equality strands, especially LGBT, disability, faith and gender;
- Health, especially mental health;
- The South Asian voice; and
- Homelessness.

I would be keen to hear the views of others - please feel free to add your comments direct onto the Operation Black Vote website - they want to hear from you!