April 4th, 2012

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Mark Lawson Talks To Mark Gatiss

Photo credit: http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/2010/oct/11/mark-gatiss-first-men-moon

With HUGE thanks to captivebird for telling me about this.

Cut and pasted from the BBC Website:

Mark Lawson talks to writer, actor and comedian Mark Gatiss about his life, career and fulfilling childhood dreams.

In the interview Gatiss explores formative memories of growing up opposite a psychiatric hospital in County Durham, admits the difficulty of coming out as a gay man, and talks about how his lifelong passion for horror and science fiction have influenced his success.

Gatiss first made a name for himself as one of the comedy quartet The League of Gentlemen, which he formed with university friends Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton and Jeremy Dyson. Gatiss has gone on to form a successful solo career as an actor, with notable roles including Bamber Gascoigne in Starter for Ten. As a writer Gatiss is living out his childhood obsessions, writing episodes of Dr Who and the BAFTA-Award winning series Sherlock, and presenting a series on horror for the BBC.

To read the full story and to watch it on the iPlayer (you have 7 days to do so!) follow the link:
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Stop the War Update

Photo credit: http://defendtherighttoprotest.org/stop-the-war-on-jonnie-marbles/489/

Cut and pasted from an email from Stop the War:


Saturday May 19th: Troops out of Afghanistan, Don't Attack Iran, no intervention in the Middle East

The occupation of Afghanistan has passed crisis point. Afghan soldiers are turning their guns on NATO troops, negotations with the Taliban have broken down and protests against occupation are continuing.

Meanwhile, further war in the Middle East is terrifyingly close. The debate about war on Iran is more about when rather than whether to attack. In the US there is also a sense of inevitability about war. Officials in the International Atomic Energy Agency say their leadership is being used by the US to justify war on Iran. The US is opposing direct intervention in Syria for the moment, but this can change and meanwhile Western allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar are arming the Free Syrian Army.

Stop the War is calling a day of protest on Saturday May 19th to coincide with big protests in Chicago against the NATO summit. Details will be announced in the next few days.


Congratulations to George Galloway MP - a Vice President of Stop the War.

George Galloway's stunning victory for the Respect Party in the Bradford By Election has sent a shockwave through British politics. As so many commentators have pointed out the result was in part due to the continuing anger at Britain's foreign wars. It has given all anti war campaigners a huge boost. Read his own words on why he won and why the wars must end:


As part of the Don't Iraq Iran campaign, we are very pleased to announce a Stop the War benefit evening of words and music on Friday the 25th May at St James' Piccadilly in London. Featuring Mark Rylance, Tony Benn, Roy Bailey, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Alberto Portugheis, Kika Markham, Peter Kennard, Cat Phillipps and many more.

Booking opens on Wednesday 11th April - online and by phone.

Email office@stopwar.org.uk
Tel: 020 7801 2768
Web: http://stopwar.org.uk
Twitter: http://twitter.com/STWuk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stopthewarcoalition
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Chasing Cotards DVDs for Sale (starring Andrew Scott)

Photo credit: http://twitter.com/chasingcotards

Chasing Cotards is now available to buy as a DVD. They are very limited edition DVDs and this is what you get for your money:
- A DVD copy of Chasing Cotards starring Andrew Scott, signed by Edward Dark the Director,
- ‘Making The Biggest Shorts Film Of All time!’ A Feature-Length Documentary about the making of Chasing Cotards, Directed by Rob Garwood and Stu Kershaw, and
- Official Chasing Cotards Photography.

Full details re how to get hold of the Chasing Cotards DVD are here:

Cut and pasted from the Chasing Cotards Website:

Sometimes, believing your dead….
is easier than knowing your alive.

Once a successful artist, Hart is now a shadow of his former self, his world torn apart by loss. He is consumed by a haunting portrait of his deceased wife and spends every moment studying her face, unable to forget. Knowing that she was taken away from him too soon, all he wishes is that she would return to breathe life into his world once more.

As context, I am re-running my review of Chasing Cotards:

Raks's Reaction

First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to yvaine24 for telling me about this short film. I was completely oblivious to its existence until she told me about it.

Having seen this short film, I just HAD to write a review promoting it. I took more notes on this short film (with a running time of 13 minutes) than I do on most full length feature films.

The film affected me and moved me, very deeply and profoundly.

It is about a young man whose wife has died and focuses on him, two weeks after her funeral. The film explores the reality of grief, as experienced by the new widower.

His life is in shreds, and is suggested by the chaos in the room, eg heaps of post piling up and clothes strewn and scattered across the room.

From the film, this is what I thought he was feeling:

The inability to do anything else or distract yourself eg reading,
The inability to deal with daily life and daily activities,
The feeling of falling apart at the seams,
Anger at how and why did this happen?,
Despair and hopelessness,
The feeling that life is absolutely and utterly pointless and futile without that person, whom you loved so deeply and cared about so much,
The feeling that you are unable to carry on with life,
The searing pain of loss, and
All consuming grief.

His wife reappears, and he has to say goodbye for the final time and let her go. He is letting go of something that he loved above all else in the world. The feeling conveyed is that of wanting something that you had, and have lost, back. But that is impossible. The pain of losing that person again is unbearable. The scene is heart-breaking.

Andrew Scott conveys in his face and, critically in his eyes, very powerfully the feelings of unbearable pain and all-consuming grief.

I am not a widow. However, I connected with this film very strongly because I have been through a separation and a divorce, and the feelings of pain, grief and loss, are very similar. Definitely, when my husband left me, I felt very strongly the feelings of falling apart and being unable to carry on with, or face, life anymore.

If I had to sum this film up in a line, I would say that it is a beautiful Shakespearean sonnet about love, loss, and grief; about a cherished love, lost and gone forever.

Highly highly highly recommended.

Follow the link to the Chasing Cotards website to get all the details, watch the trailer and download the film:
The Biggest Short Film of All Time (literally)

Photo credit: http://www.sloaneuren.com/