March 27th, 2012

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Steven Moffat: no Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Who - for now

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Cut and pasted from the Radio Times Website:

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has dismissed reports that Benedict Cumberbatch is to play the villainous Master on the sci-fi series. But he then added, as a quick afterthought: "But who knows what could happen in the future..."

Moffat also told about plans for the forthcoming series of Doctor Who. Asked whether there would be a large story arc running through the episodes, or if we could expect self-contained adventures, he said: "As ever, there’s a bit of both. But this time we’re moving closer to stand-alone stories. At this point, we’re not planning any two-parters. So, every week is going to be like a different mad movie. We went quite 'arc' last time and we’re going stand-alone this time around".

As for his other hit BBC1 series, the detective drama Sherlock, Moffat had this to say about series three: "Mark [Gatiss] and I have planned it out. We haven’t started writing it yet because I've got God knows how many episodes of Doctor Who to get sorted first. But the way it works with Sherlock is that we starve you and then we give you a short burst and then we starve you again. It’s worked so far, we’re not going to change it."

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Raks's says:
Damn! I was really looking forward to seeing Benedict and Matt act alongside eachother.
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The Vertical Hour, starring Andrew Scott ... Another one that got away!

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Another Andrew Scott theatre piece that I missed. It also starred Bill Nighy (another of my favourites, ever since Blue/Orange). What was I doing with my life?!

Well, actually, I have a good reason for missing this play - it was on in Broadway!

Cut and pasted from Wikipedia:

The Vertical Hour

The Vertical Hour is a play by David Hare. The play addresses the relationship of characters with opposing views on the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and also explores psychological tension between public lives and private lives.

The play received its world premiere at the Music Box Theater on Broadway, on November 30, 2006, in a production directed by Sam Mendes. The premiere cast featured Bill Nighy, Julianne Moore in her Broadway debut and Andrew Scott. It closed on 11 March 2007 after a run of 23 previews and 117 performances.

The play received its UK premiere at the Royal Court Theatre on 17 January 2008 in a production directed by Jeremy Herrin. The principal actors were Indira Varma, Anton Lesser and Tom Riley. It was the fastest selling new play in the Royal Court's history and was broadcast on BBC Radio Three on May 25, 2008.

The review in The New York Times of the production can be found here:

Reviews in the Guardian and the Observer can be found here:
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Radio 4 to air seven-part Ulysses (starring Andrew Scott) on one day

Ulysses and the Sirens (1891), by John William Waterhouse
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Cut and pasted from The Stage website:

Henry Goodman and Niamh Cusack are to lead a cast of 23 actors for a new radio dramatisation of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

The BBC Radio 4 production will be a total of five-and-a-half hours long, to be broadcast in seven parts on June 16, which is known as Bloomsday and is the same date as the one on which the action in the novel takes place.

Director Jeremy Mortimer explained this would keep the drama “true to Joyce’s own structure for the book”, which follows one day in the life of its two protagonists - Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus - in 1904. Bloom will be played by Goodman, while Dedalus is to be played by Andrew Scott, who won best supporting actor for radio play Referee at the recent BBC Audio Drama Awards.

Mortimer said he hoped the drama will give “Radio 4 listeners a means to discover Ulysses and find out why it consistently tops any list of the most important books of the last century”.

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Raks's says - This project just sounds mind-blowingly ambitious and epic. I love Andrew Scott and Henry Goodman, and I have so far managed to avoid Ulysses. This is one way where I can finally have a go at getting to grips with it!
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The Undershaw Alliance features in The Venetian Vase

The Undershaw Alliance: Campaigning for a Conan Doyle Museum and Centre for British and Irish Crime Writing

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Conan Doyle's Epitaph:
Steel True
Blade Straight
Arthur Conan Doyle
Patriot, Physician and Man of Letters

The Undershaw Alliance has been featured in The Venetian Vase. The Venetian Vase began life as a supporting site for two books: 100 American Crime Writers and 100 British Crime Writers. These books are edited respectively by Steven Powell and Esme Miskimmin and will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in their Crime Files series. The blog is edited and maintained primarily by Steven and Chris Routledge. Follow the link to the feature on The Undershaw Alliance:

My feature on The Undershaw Alliance is here:

Undershaw as it is now:

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