March 11th, 2012

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Frankenstein: FAQs

A handy new FAQ section has recently appeared on the NT wesbite.

Cut and pasted from the National Theatre Website:

Will you be releasing a DVD of the production?
We have no plans to release a DVD. We know from letters, tweets and emails that a great many people wanted another chance to see the production – and these encore screenings have been scheduled in response to that huge public demand. Our rights arrangements with actors and crew don’t currently permit DVD release, and we’re also keen for as many people as possible to experience the broadcasts in the format for which they were created: broadcast in HD to cinemas.

Will you be showing Frankenstein on TV in the UK?
Channel 4 will be airing a documentary called Frankenstein: The Making of a Myth which features a behind-the-scenes look at the production – at the moment no broadcast date is confirmed. There are, however, no plans to air the broadcasts of the production itself.

Will Frankenstein be playing again on stage at the National Theatre?
No, there are no plans for the production to return to the National Theatre.

Follow the link to read all the FAQs:

In summary, no DVD, it will not be shown on the TV, and it will not be returning to the National Theatre. All of which means that if you want to see Frankenstein you have to catch one of the encore screenings this Summer, starting in June. Details below.

Cut and pasted from an email from the National Theatre:

Due to popular demand, Danny Boyle's award-winning production returns to cinemas from June this year, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternating the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature for a special two-part presentation.

Exclusive preview: watch the new Frankenstein trailer
Encore broadcasts from June

Follow the link to view the trailer:
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Twelfth Night and Richard III, starring Mark Rylance, transfer to the Apollo Theatre

Cut and pasted from an email from See Tickets:

This Autumn, the Apollo theatre will be transformed into an Elizabethan playhouse, as Tim Carroll's productions of Twelfth Night and Richard III transfer from Shakespeare's Globe for a strictly limited season.

Multi award-winning Mark Rylance revives his role as Olivia in the Globe's critically acclaimed Twelfth Night, accompanied by Johnny Flynn (Viola), Samuel Barnett (Sebastian) and Stephen Fry (Malvolio). Mark Rylance also takes on the title role in Shakespeare's great historical tragedy, Richard III.

Both productions are performed by an all-male company, using Original Practices, exploring clothing, music, dance and settings from Shakespeare's time. With Twelfth Night sold out at the Globe, these productions are already the must-see events of the year. Book now.

Twelfth Night, Or What you Will
Filled with a cast of unforgettable characters, Twelfth Night combines cruelty with high comedy and the pangs of unrequited love with some of the subtlest poetry and most exquisite songs Shakespeare ever wrote.

Richard III
Monstrous, but theatrically electric, Richard III is Shakespeare's most charismatic, self-delighting villain, revelling at every moment in his homicidal, hypocritical journey to absolute power.


Book for Twelfth Night here:

Book for Richard III here:

For me personally, I love the Shakespearean tragedies and the histories; the comedies not so much. The production that I think will be the must-see, and the one that I am looking forward to the most, is not the sold-out Twelfth Night but Richard III. I like to be different!
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Thought for the Day: "Losing My Way" by Justin Timberlake

Thoughts for the Day:

King James Bible

Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Romans 12:21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

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I have run this before but I am choosing to run it again!

"Losing My Way" by Justin Timberlake talks about the damage that drugs can do to a person and to their family and friends. Timberlake talks about a predicament affecting many young men in the West today. The allure of dropping out of school and focusing on having fun and living the high life - be it gangs, drugs or alcohol. And the destructive effect that all of these things can have on you as a person, your family, your friends, and ultimately, your life. They can wreck your dreams and destroy your relationships with family, including children, and friends, leaving you sad, lonely and alone. The song is a cry for help. But there is a glimmer of hope at the end and a chance of redemption. I find it incredibly powerful and moving and I have been listening to it today!

Selected extracts from "Losing My Way" Lyrics:

I used to be the man in my hometown
Until I started to lose my way
It all goes back to when I dropped out at school
Having fun, I was living the life
But now I got a problem with that little white rock
See I can't put down the pipe


It is breaking me down
No more friends around...
And my dreams fall down...
Is anybody out there?

Can anybody out there hear me?
'Cause I can't seem to hear myself
Can anybody out there see me?
'Cause I can't seem to see myself...
There's gotta be a heaven somewhere
Can you save me from this hell?
Can anybody out there feel me?
'Cause I can't seem to feel myself

Losing my way
Keep losing my way...
Keep losing my way...
Can you help me find my way?


Oh my God please forgive me (Father hear my prayer)
'Cause I know I've done some wrong in this life
If I could do it all again
Have just one more chance
To take all those wrongs and make them right

Collapse )