March 8th, 2012

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White Heat, BBC2, Thursdays 9pm

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I have no inside information on this. I was due to see a preview screening of it at the BFI, followed by a Q&A with the creative team and the cast, but I had to pull out at the last minute as I was ill.

But I just know it is going to be excellent based on the concept and the cast and so I am recommending it as my top TV tip of the week!

Cut and pasted from the BBC website:

White Heat is a new six-part drama series about the interwoven lives, loves and betrayals of seven characters whose relationships are forged in the white heat of the Sixties through to present day, written for BBC Two by award-winning writer Paula Milne.

Passionate, dangerous and compelling, the characters' love stories and friendships are set against a backdrop that takes us from Wilson to Thatcher, feminism to the Falklands, hedonism to HIV - exploring the personal and political journeys which shaped their destinies to make them the people they are today.

White Heat starts on BBC2 today (Thursday) at 9pm.

The Guardian ran a great feature article on it earlier last week:
White Heat: 'What women went through in the 60s was seismic'. Screenwriter Paula Milne says her own experiences inspired the new BBC2 drama about a group of people through the decades.
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London Festivals, 2012

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Cut and pasted from the Time Out London Website:

London festivals 2012: Your guide to the best London festivals: cultural, culinary, musical and theatrical

Festivals aren't just for summer - London is bursting with them all year long, and 2012 is no exception. This year the London 2012 Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee will provide many excuses to celebrate, and regular favourites like Notting Hill Carnival, Thames Festival and Open House London will return bigger and better. So get your diary out and browse the lists below to plan your year of festivities.

Follow the link for all the details:
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Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Radio 3, Saturday 10 March, 9.30pm

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I am recommending this because, although it is radio, it covers race and religion, and a very good friend of mine (who shall remain nameless!) is behind this.

Cut and pasted from the BBC Website:


Father, Son and Holy Ghost is a new play from award-winning playwright Kwame Kwei-Armah about a young, radical pastor whose rising church career is under threat.

Pastor T - a young, funky, self-taught pentecostal minister of an urban church - is well-known for taking no prisoners, and not just in his sermons. His biblical radicalism, youthful energy and street-smart image is attractive to young and old alike, and he has helped build up a thriving church community.

Originally 'saved' from prison life by the church bishop, Pastor T is next in line to take over when the older man retires. The pastor suspects the bishop of financial misdealings, putting his conflicting loyalties to the test. And when one of Pastor T's young church pupils is threatened on the street, he takes some radical action which threatens his future at the church.

The radio play stars David Harewood as Pastor T. It is based on an original idea by Dr Robert Beckford.

And, of course, if you miss it on Saturday you can catch it on the BBC iPlayer.

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Follow the link for all the details:
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Coriolanus, directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes

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Very very very belatedly I have found this:

Cut and pasted from the Guardian Website:

Ralph Fiennes on Coriolanus: 'A collision between leadership and people' - video
Actor Ralph Fiennes outlines the thinking behind his directorial debut, an adaptation of Shakespeare's political fable Coriolanus, while stars Vanessa Redgrave and TV news anchorman Jon Snow explain why the play – about a Roman general who turns against his own government – is still relevant today.

Follow the link to watch the video:

My review of Coriolanus is here: