March 1st, 2012

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Doctor Who Tribute T Shirt: Eleventh Doctor

I love Snorg Tees as a company. I don't have this T shirt - I have their Sherlockian and Back to the Future ones - but I wish I did!

Buy it here:

This is their Sherlockian T shirt that I have and that I love and that is probably my favourite Sherlockian T shirt of all time. Sadly it is no longer available.

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Swivel Theatre Company's Twelfth Night Opens Today (1 March), Cockpit Theatre

The Swivel Theatre Company: Classic theatre … with a twist

Yesterday (Friday 29 February) was the preview night for the Swivel Theatre Company's production of Twelfth Night. I was there. Swivel have set their Twelfth Night in the Arab World and the production features live Moroccan music. I really enjoyed it!

Photo credit:

Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Feste
Image courtesy of the Swivel Theatre Company

Cut and pasted from the Swivel Theatre Company website:

Twelfth Night returns to the London fringe with a Swivel Theatre Company production. Set in the late 1920s Morocco, Swivel’s unique interpretation will be a feast of live music, traditional dance and raucous laughter.

Swivel’s version of Twelfth Night sets Illyria in 1920′s Tangier, Morocco. In this period Morocco was under the Protectorate of Spain and France, creating a unique mix of cultures. Tangier was a truly international city with half the population local and the other half foreigners from Europe and all around the world.

In this context anything was possible and makes an ideal setting for Illyria and the crazy story of Twelfth Night. We will capture all the sounds, colours and scents of 1920′s Morocco in this original and colorful production of Twelfth Night, with live music, traditional dance and, of course, Shakespeare’s comic genius!

Twelfth Night will open at the Cockpit Theatre today (Thursday 1 March) and will run through until Sunday 18th March 2012 (no performance on Mondays).

You can now book your Twelfth Night tickets online at:

You can also book tickets by calling The Cockpit box office on: 020 7258 2925 (lines open 12 till 6, Monday to Friday).

Follow the link for all the details:

And finally, here is a photo of the whole of the cast of Twelfth Night:

Image courtesy of the Swivel Theatre Company

Swivel Theatre Company

Swivel Theatre Company is a new theatre company, based in London. Our mission is to produce classic plays in a new and dynamic way, to make the plays more accessible to the general public. We are a group of young professionals, who are passionate about theatre and who want to share our love and enthusiasm for the theatre with others.

The Swivel Theatre Company website is here:

My feature on the Swivel Theatre Company is here:
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Future Cinema Presents Bugsy Malone

Cut and pasted from an email from Future Cinema:

Future Cinema, creators of Secret Cinema, bring you the following newsflash:
Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy is open for business again from 16th March until 14th April.
Future Cinema brings back the smash-hit BUGSY MALONE, one of the most well-loved Secret Cinema productions, at the fantabulous TROXY, in the East Side of the City of London.

Hurry yourselves up and join in our all-singing, all-dancing live cinema extravaganza where you are at the heart of the experience. There'll be cola floats, boxing, dancing girls, gangsters and plenty more surprises.


What is Future Cinema?

Future Cinema is a live events company that specialise in creating living, breathing experiences of the cinema.

Conceived in 2005 by Fabien Riggall, Founder and Director of Future Shorts, Future Cinema aim to bring the concept of ‘experience’ back to the cinema-going world.

Specialising in bringing events to life through a unique fusion of film, improvised performances, detailed design and interactive multimedia, Future Cinema create wholly immersive worlds that stretch the audience’s imagination and challenge their expectations.

Creators of the acclaimed Secret Cinema, which brings mystery movies to extraordinary locations around London and the UK, Future Cinema have been hailed for bringing a sense of spectacle back in an age of multiplexes.

Follow the link for more details and to buy tickets:

I won't be going to this as Bugsy Malone is not really my thing, but I am more than happy to recommend Future Cinema and Secret Cinema. I have been to several of their events in the past and they are always oustanding.

My feature on Secret Cinema is here:
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Twelfth Night, Swivel Theatre Company, Cockpit Theatre

We are in 1920s, Tangier, Morocco.

Photo credit: Swivel Theatre Company

Some photos of "the stars of our show". All images courtesy of the Swivel Theatre Company.

Carolina Main as Viola

Tibu Fortes as Malvolio

Leo-Marcus Wan as Feste

Matthew Gibbs as Sir Andrew Aguecheek

Follow the link for the full story:
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St David's Day, 1 March

Photo credit:

Today is St David's Day and for me the official start of Spring. I always have a spring in my step on St David's Day because Spring and Summer are on their way! My ex-husband was also called David and so this day will always have a special place in my heart!

In the here and now, I have many many many Davids in my life and this is dedicated to all of them!

Cut and pasted from the National Museum of Wales website:

St David's Day is celebrated in Wales on 1 March, in honour of Dewi Sant or St David, the patron saint of Wales. Little is known about him for certain. What little information we have is based on an account of his life written by Rhigyfarch towards the end of the 11th century.

According to this Latin manuscript, Dewi died in the year 589. His mother was called Non, and his father, Sant, was the son of Ceredig, King of Ceredigion. After being educated in Cardiganshire, he went on pilgrimage through south Wales and the west of England, where it is said that he founded religious centres such as Glastonbury and Croyland. He even went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he was made archbishop. He eventually settled at Glyn Rhosyn (St David's), in south-west Wales, where he established a very strict ascetic religious community. Many miracles have been attributed to him, the most incredible of which was performed when he was preaching at the Synod of Llanddewibrefi - he caused the ground to rise underneath him so that he could be seen and heard by all. How much truth is in this account of his life by Rhigyfarch is hard to tell. It must be considered that Rhigyfarch was the son of the Bishop of St David's, and that the Life was written as propaganda to establish Dewi's superiority and defend the bishopric from being taken over by Canterbury and the Normans.

Now March 1 is celebrated by schools and cultural societies throughout Wales. It is the custom on that day to wear either a leek or a daffodil - two of our national emblems - and for young girls to wear the national costume.

Follow the link to the full story: