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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

12:21 am: rakspatel Doctor Who Tribute T Shirt: Eleventh Doctor  2 comments
12:44 am: rakspatel Swivel Theatre Company's Twelfth Night Opens Today (1 March), Cockpit Theatre
01:41 am: rakspatel Future Cinema Presents Bugsy Malone
11:53 am: rakspatel Twelfth Night, Swivel Theatre Company, Cockpit Theatre  2 comments
02:15 pm: rakspatel St David's Day, 1 March  2 comments
03:38 am: rakspatel This Means War, starring Tom Hardy, out today  4 comments
01:27 am: rakspatel Lord of the Flies, Greenwich Theatre
05:26 pm: rakspatel Twelfth Night, Swivel Theatre Company, Cockpit Theatre
05:41 pm: rakspatel Trishna  6 comments
09:52 pm: rakspatel Bingo, Young Vic  2 comments
10:17 pm: rakspatel Show your support for Equal Love by signing their petition - I have done so
11:35 pm: rakspatel The Doyle Diary: The Last Great Conan Doyle Mystery  12 comments
12:10 am: rakspatel Save our NHS  1 comment
12:34 am: rakspatel An Epic Trilogy of Love, Loss and Reunion, RSC  2 comments
10:13 am: rakspatel Holmes’s Home: Saving Undershaw by D E Meredith
12:08 am: rakspatel Twelfth Night, Swivel Theatre Company, Cockpit Theatre
01:26 am: rakspatel This Means War, starring Tom Hardy  2 comments
12:04 am: rakspatel White Heat, BBC2, Thursdays 9pm  4 comments
04:48 pm: rakspatel London Festivals, 2012
06:11 pm: rakspatel Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Radio 3, Saturday 10 March, 9.30pm
10:49 pm: rakspatel Coriolanus, directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes  4 comments
01:11 am: rakspatel Wreckers, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, out on DVD on Monday  10 comments
01:03 pm: rakspatel Searching for Shakespeare’s House - a Time Team Special, C4, Sunday 11 March  1 comment
02:46 pm: rakspatel Stuart, A Life Backwards
06:52 pm: rakspatel Greater Shakespeare Map
08:11 pm: rakspatel Tiger
10:37 pm: rakspatel A Man's Story, Brixton Ritzy
12:44 pm: rakspatel Frankenstein: FAQs  2 comments
01:07 pm: rakspatel Twelfth Night and Richard III, starring Mark Rylance, transfer to the Apollo Theatre
03:33 pm: rakspatel Thought for the Day: "Losing My Way" by Justin Timberlake
01:40 am: rakspatel The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: My Film of the Year  4 comments
12:12 am: rakspatel The Undershaw Alliance: Launches its website today  10 comments
12:47 pm: yvaine24 The Olivier Awards 2012  2 comments
05:19 am: rakspatel Olivier Awards 2012: My recommendations  4 comments
10:02 am: rakspatel NHS - Last chance? Please sign the petition by Monday morning  6 comments
10:28 am: rakspatel Twelfth Night, Swivel Theatre Company: Last 3 days to catch it!  1 comment
01:26 am: rakspatel Happy Saint Patrick's Day
01:09 am: rakspatel Twelfth Night, Swivel Theatre Company: Closing tonight
01:49 am: rakspatel Mothering Sunday, Sunday 18 March
01:51 am: rakspatel Equal civil marriage consultation
08:46 am: rakspatel Monday's Thought for the Day: Brainy is the new sexy!  2 comments
11:37 pm: rakspatel Living in the Margins Campaign Launch, Monday 5 March
01:09 am: rakspatel Pick Me Up, Contemporary Graphic Art Fair, Somerset House
12:06 am: rakspatel Save Our NHS: We lost :(
12:59 am: rakspatel The Hound of the Baskervilles, Greenwich Theatre
09:51 am: rakspatel Cock, starring Andrew Scott, Royal Court ... The one that got away!  4 comments
10:57 pm: rakspatel NT Live: She Stoops to Conquer, Thursday 29 March
02:03 am: rakspatel All Souls Winter Shelter and Croydon Minster Floating Shelter - Closing Night, Sunday 25 March  2 comments
04:54 pm: rakspatel Black ephemera, Depictions of people of African descent, 4 July 2012
11:16 pm: rakspatel Walk for Life 2012 on behalf of the Terrence Higgins Trust, Sunday 20 May 2012
12:43 am: rakspatel Steven Moffat: no Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Who - for now   1 comment
01:19 am: rakspatel The Vertical Hour, starring Andrew Scott ... Another one that got away!
05:11 pm: rakspatel Radio 4 to air seven-part Ulysses (starring Andrew Scott) on one day
10:47 pm: rakspatel The Undershaw Alliance features in The Venetian Vase
12:41 am: rakspatel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Lost Theatre  5 comments
09:49 am: rakspatel RSC appoints Gregory Doran as its new Artistic Director
02:16 am: rakspatel Can We Talk About This?, DV8 and the National Theatre  2 comments
03:39 am: rakspatel Andrew Scott talks about his role as Hart in Chasing Cotards
04:17 pm: rakspatel Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes
12:01 am: rakspatel NT Live: She Stoops to Conquer was today  2 comments
01:16 am: rakspatel Julius Caesar, RSC, Noel Coward Theatre
01:48 am: rakspatel Last Chance Saloon: The Comedy of Errors is closing in 3 days (Sunday 1 April)
11:46 am: rakspatel Masterclass: Black British Plays, National Theatre
01:52 pm: rakspatel Easter DVD Recommendations (Surprise, surprise both Benedict Cumberbatch films!)
04:19 am: rakspatel Lest we forget ... 19 by Paul Hardcastle  2 comments
11:10 am: rakspatel Why?
12:45 pm: rakspatel Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch shortlisted for Time magazine’s 100 list