February 29th, 2012

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Exclusive preview of the new Frankenstein trailer

Cut and pasted from an email from the National Theatre:

Exclusive preview: watch the new Frankenstein trailer
Encore broadcasts from June

Follow the link to view the trailer:

Due to popular demand, Danny Boyle's award-winning production returns to cinemas from June this year, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternating the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature for a special two-part presentation.

For your chance to see the trailer on the big screen, don't miss the broadcast of The Comedy of Errors on Thursday 1 March.

Tickets for Frankenstein are now on sale at selected cinemas, with many more venues being added in coming weeks.
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Doctor Who's Matt Smith on Karen Gillan, his departure and those Cumberbatch rumours

Photo credit: http://www.denofgeek.com/television/394167/bbc_releases_new_matt_smith_doctor_who_pictures.html

Cut and pasted from the Radio Times website:

Today’s Daybreak (ITV1, 6:00-8:30am) will feature an interview with Doctor Who actor Matt Smith. The actor will discuss such topics as the departure of his co-star Karen Gillan, rumours that he may step down as the Doctor next year, press reports that Benedict Cumberbatch is to play the Master and his forthcoming appearance at the official Doctor Who convention in March.

Of Gillan’s exit from the series, Smith, 29, says:
“It is sad for me, she’s a great friend, and creatively I have a really interesting relationship with her, but the show is bigger than any of us."

But what of Smith’s own future on Doctor Who?
“It’s a thrill playing the part I don’t want to give it up anytime soon. We have a whole season to make and a Christmas special as well, so I won’t be leaving anytime soon.”

Of course, next year sees the show’s 50th anniversary and this week reports surfaced that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was in line to play arch-enemy the Master.
“I know Ben and I’ve not heard anything about it,” admits Smith. “But he’s a wonderful actor and a mate. I think he’s a bit busy being a Star Trek villain, and he’s Sherlock Holmes of course, so he’s a busy man.”

As well as filming this latest series of Doctor Who, Smith is also set to attend the official Doctor Who convention in March at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Follow the link for the full story:
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Doctor Who Convention, The Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Photo credit: http://www.doctorwhonews.net/2011/11/dwn111111130008-bbc-worldwide-announce.html

Cut and pasted from the Doctor Who Convention website:

This March, The Millennium Centre in Cardiff will open its doors to the first OFFICIAL Doctor Who Convention since the series returned to our screens in 2005.

The Convention is a full day event that will give Doctor Who enthusiasts an amazing chance to delve into the inner workings of the hit TV show and learn how it is created – a journey from script to screen. With unique access to the cast and production crew, this event offers fans a rare chance to see behind-the-scenes of the world’s longest running sci-fi show.

As well as attending interactive panel discussions with key cast and crew, fans will be able to watch the Doctor Who special effects production team show how they create “out of this world effects”, with live demonstrations of pyrotechnics. Plus, watch in depth prosthetic demonstrations by the team responsible for designing and creating many of the monsters and characters that have been featured on-screen since 2005. With wardrobe and props crew on hand to answer questions, the day also includes a chance to talk to the creators of some of the iconic costumes in the props and costume exhibit.

For all the details, follow the link to the official website:
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Leap Year Proposals: February 29 2012


Photo credit: http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/worlds-most-romantic-places-to-propose-this-leap-year/story-e6frfq80-1226283829765

Photo credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107684/Watch-gents-leap-year-Rare-collection-Donald-McGill-postcards-warned-men-women-proposing-goes-display.html?ito=feeds-newsxml


Photo credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/lifestyle/

Anyone planning to take advantage of this tradition?

Cut and pasted from Wikipedia:

In the British Isles, it is a tradition that women may propose marriage only on leap years.

Supposedly, a 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland (then age five and living in Norway), required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man; compensation ranged from a kiss to £1 to a silk gown, in order to soften the blow.

In some places the tradition was tightened to restricting female proposals to the modern leap year day, February 29.

If you are, best of luck! Look at it this way, if he says no, at least you will get a pair of gloves or a dress out of it (to soften the blow!).

Ladies - Carpe Diem!
Gentlemen - Run for the Hills!

Photo credit: http://nubride.wordpress.com/tag/leap-year-proposals/
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London riots: Mark Duggan family not told of death

Photo credit: http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/we-want-justice-mark

The police watchdog has upheld a complaint by the family of Mark Duggan that they were not told he had been shot dead by officers in London.

Mr Duggan was shot by police last August in Tottenham. Anger over the shooting sparked riots in the area, which spread across the capital and to other parts of England.

Scotland Yard said it had apologised in September to Mr Duggan's parents for not telling them directly about his death.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said an investigation into the full circumstances of his death was ongoing.

Follow the link to the full story:
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1,000 Journal Entries for The Umbrella Organisation

One full month ahead of our first birthday, we have hit 1,000 journal entries for The Umbrella Organisation - Hooray! Quantity not quality!

PARTY PARTY PARTY - Sherlockian Cocktails all round!

Credit: redscharlach

Photo credit: http://www.singlesolution.com/blog/dating-general-news/do-we-owe-you-some-champagne/

Reach for the Stars

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde

The four friends from Emperor and Galilean - Agathon, Peter, Julian and Gregory (left to right).
Photo credit: http://www.andrew-scott-online.com/

Photo credit: http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/third-star-trailer-screenca/

And finally, my thought for the day, the week, the month, and the year: