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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

12:11 am: rakspatel Referee, starring Andrew Scott, to be broadcast again: Tuesday 7 February, Radio 4
12:46 am: rakspatel Moffat Creations: Sherlock and Dr Who  5 comments
01:02 am: rakspatel Stunning!  2 comments
01:14 pm: rakspatel Dr Who Experience - Closes Wednesday 22 February 2012
03:37 pm: rakspatel Wishing all my readers a bright future!
06:25 pm: rakspatel Danny Boyle's award-winning Frankenstein returns to cinemas this summer
10:22 pm: rakspatel Great Expectations (BBC, 2011) and Dickens 2012
12:30 am: rakspatel Hollywood or bust for Black British actors?
01:46 pm: rakspatel War Horse, directed by Steven Spielberg  2 comments
02:09 pm: rakspatel February is LGBT History Month
06:21 pm: rakspatel Great Expectations, BBC, December 2011
03:12 am: rakspatel The New Statesman interview: Ralph Fiennes  4 comments
12:02 pm: rakspatel 99% Campaign launches its youth-led blog
02:09 pm: rakspatel Malcolm X Film Screening, British Museum
04:16 pm: rakspatel Kevin Spacey Says ...
12:22 am: rakspatel Walk for Life 2012: Sunday 20 May
01:01 am: rakspatel Thought for the Weekend: Stop the blog!
12:31 am: rakspatel The true love of my life ...
01:17 am: rakspatel Twelfth Night by the Swivel Theatre Company
01:44 am: rakspatel Snow hits London
02:40 am: rakspatel Coriolanus: Official UK Trailer
12:50 am: rakspatel Please help save our NHS
03:46 pm: rakspatel Happy Birthday Charles Dickens!
11:03 pm: rakspatel 38 degrees. People. Power. Change. Save Our NHS.
12:45 am: rakspatel Travelling Light will get its NT Live tomorrow, Thursday 9 February
02:44 am: rakspatel Afternoon Play: Referee by Nick Perry, starring Andrew Scott  5 comments
09:49 am: rakspatel Temptation   8 comments
04:13 pm: rakspatel "A conversation with Oscar Wilde" by Maggi Hambling  2 comments
09:11 pm: yvaine24 More Oscar  2 comments
12:22 am: rakspatel Britain's big talent: Evening Standard British Film Awards Winners
12:57 am: rakspatel The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
02:08 am: rakspatel Dickens 200th Birthday Event
01:21 pm: rakspatel Travelling Light NT Live Today: Stop the blog!
01:17 am: rakspatel Travelling Light, National Theatre, directed by Nick Hytner
01:34 am: rakspatel The Recruiting Officer, Donmar Warehouse, starring Mark Gatiss  10 comments
02:18 am: rakspatel Digital Theatre  10 comments
02:54 am: rakspatel Matthew Bourne's Play Without Words, Sadler's Wells
05:03 am: rakspatel Third Star Image  2 comments
01:56 pm: rakspatel Orange British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs 2012) take place tomorrow  4 comments
02:29 pm: rakspatel BAFTAs 2012: My favourite film of 2011 is Coriolanus!
01:20 am: rakspatel Sunday's Thought for the Day  2 comments
02:54 am: rakspatel Whitney Houston: Gone too soon  4 comments
11:10 pm: rakspatel BAFTAs 2012  4 comments
01:22 am: rakspatel Happy Valentines Day - To all the Singles!  6 comments
12:30 pm: rakspatel Together we're stronger. Let's be 100k strong
10:42 pm: rakspatel Save Our NHS: Sign the petition
11:08 am: rakspatel Travelling Light Platform Today, National Theatre
11:54 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss, The Recruiting Officer, Donmar Warehouse  6 comments
02:45 pm: rakspatel Milk, starring Sean Penn, 2008  2 comments
01:09 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss, The Recruiting Officer, Donmar Warehouse  2 comments
01:36 am: rakspatel Whatsonstage.com: Awards presented tonight
11:28 pm: rakspatel Whatsonstage.com Theatre Awards: The results are in!  4 comments
11:32 am: rakspatel Save Our NHS: 48 hours to go until a crunch vote
05:08 pm: captivebird The Half  4 comments
12:30 am: rakspatel Goodbye James Blunt and Good Luck!  2 comments
01:59 am: rakspatel Lent Begins Today
02:17 am: rakspatel You had me at "hello"  5 comments
03:06 am: rakspatel "Everybody Hurts", R.E.M  3 comments
12:48 pm: rakspatel World Shakespeare Festival 2012: Let the celebrations begin
01:56 pm: rakspatel Oscars 2012: Sunday 26 February  12 comments
02:27 pm: rakspatel Lost  2 comments
04:30 pm: rakspatel The Bomb, Tricycle  6 comments
03:25 am: rakspatel Emperor and Galilean, National Theatre
09:59 am: rakspatel London Walks: Special Sherlock Holmes Walk Today
01:26 am: rakspatel The Comedy of Errors gets its NT Live this Thursday (1 March)  2 comments
02:19 am: rakspatel Oscars 2012: Come on War Horse!  4 comments
11:25 am: captivebird Benedict at the Oscars  3 comments
12:05 pm: rakspatel Benedict Cumberbatch - He of the flame-red hair  10 comments
12:30 pm: rakspatel Oscars 2012: Winners
12:37 am: rakspatel Mark Rylance Shakespeare plays to transfer to West End   5 comments
02:27 am: rakspatel A Man's Story, Brixton Ritzy
03:28 am: rakspatel And finally ... Benedict at the Oscars  2 comments
04:29 am: rakspatel Written on the Heart, RSC, transfers to the West End  2 comments
11:24 pm: rakspatel Save Our NHS
01:07 am: rakspatel Exclusive preview of the new Frankenstein trailer  2 comments
04:03 am: rakspatel Doctor Who's Matt Smith on Karen Gillan, his departure and those Cumberbatch rumours  2 comments
04:13 am: rakspatel Doctor Who Convention, The Millennium Centre, Cardiff
12:12 pm: rakspatel Leap Year Proposals: February 29 2012
02:37 pm: rakspatel London riots: Mark Duggan family not told of death
04:48 pm: rakspatel Frankenstein Returns
05:01 pm: rakspatel 1,000 Journal Entries for The Umbrella Organisation