December 19th, 2011

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The Project: Part 1 - Opposition & The Project: Part 2 - Government, BFI

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I have just seen this, over at the BFI. Cut and pasted from the BFI website:

Peter Kosminsky dramatises the Labour party's transformation into New Labour.

This film dramatises a nine-year period in the Labour Party, during which it evolved into New Labour. Following the lives of a small group of party activists from student protesters to their careers within the party and the assumption of power in 1997, the film beautifully marries the personal and the political to show their growing disenchantment with the New Labour project and the compromises they are forced to make. With stand-out performances from Matthew Macfadyen and Naomi Harris, this is one of television's finest examinations of the price of power and its corrupting influence.

Raks's Take

I loved this!

The question, for me, at the beating heart of this film is - how far would you go in terms of forsaking your principles and compromising your integrity, in the pursuit of high office and power? What would YOU do, and how far would YOU go, to secure and hold on to power? How much would you compromise? What principles would you forsake? Would you sell your soul to the devil to have power? Will it be worth it in the end? And what does it do to your insides to stab your friends in the back, and to lose your principles and your integrity, to get what you want and get to the top?

These are questions and issues that I have grappled with myself this year. I was not prepared to compromise. I wanted to stick to my guns, and hold on to my principles and my integrity. So I chose to put myself onto the scrapheap instead. Was this the right decision and will it be worth it? Time will tell!