November 26th, 2011

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Eastenders: Branning Week Concludes

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What a week. The Branning storylines were exceptional. Cancer. Euthanasia. Marriage. Family.

What follows is a very personal reaction, in particular to tonight's (Friday's) episode.

Max and Tanya always have been, despite all their ups and downs, made for eachother. Today's episode showed what deep and true love really is and that is being there for your partner/spouse in their hour of darkest need, when you are most needed but when it is also the hardest thing to do because it is breaking your heart to see them in such pain. I have direct personal experience of this happening - me being both on the giving and receiving end. At the close of tonight's episode, Max was Tanya's shelter in the midst of a torrential storm. I used to be married, I am now single. One day, I would like to have a man in my life again because I miss having a soulmate and a companion. I also miss having shelter. Illness, of a completely different kind to cancer, eventually killed off my marriage. I hope with all my heart that it does not do the same to Max and Tanya - I have a feeling that it won't. I want them to have the happy ending. They deserve it.

I returned to Albert Square after a long period of absence especially for Branning week - I have been down the Queen Vic all five evenings this week. As predicted by captivebird, having returned to the Queen Vic and Albert Square, and thoroughly enjoyed my return, I am not leaving anytime soon.

Welcome back into my life Max Branning and Eastenders! Make yourselves at home.

Eastenders is here:

Their news blog is here:
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Coming soon: Twelfth Night by the Swivel Theatre Company

The Swivel Theatre Company: Classic theatre … with a twist

Swivel Theatre Company is a new theatre company, based in London. Their mission is to produce classic plays in a new and dynamic way, to make the plays more accessible to the general public. They are a group of young professionals, who are passionate about theatre and who want to share their love and enthusiasm for the theatre with others.

The Swivel Theatre Company website is here:

Swivel have chosen Twelfth Night for their second production because they are looking for a new challenge. After tackling one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies (Othello), they thought they should attempt one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies. Their "twist" is that the setting will be Morocco, represented and presented in all its richness and diversity, and the Houses of Orsino and Olivia will be Moroccan households. Their production will be a veritable feast for all of your senses.

The Swivel Theatre Company have created a new website which contains all of the information about their new production of Twelfth Night. It is here:

Finally, follow the link to read my features on The Swivel Theatre Company:
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Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes - Anthony Horowitz in conversation with Roger Johnson

Sunday 27 Nov 2011, 14.30 - 16.00pm
Conference Centre, British Library, London

Bestselling author Anthony Horowitz has been commissioned to write a new Sherlock Holmes novel by the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle. The House of Silk was published on 1 November 2011. At this event Anthony Horowitz talks about the book, about the great detective and his trusty assistant Watson, and Conan Doyle’s achievement, with Roger Johnson, editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal.

Tickets £7.50 (£5 concessions).

For full details follow the link:

My feature on the House of Silk is here:
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Last Will. & Testament, Globe

The Shakespearean Authorship Trust, in collaboration with Brunel University, presents:

LAST WILL. & TESTAMENT: A Shakespeare Authorship Film Premiere with Guest Speakers and Discussion.

First Folio Pictures presents "Last Will. & Testament", hosted by Mark Rylance and Dr William Leahy.

Sunday 27 November 2011, 11am to 6.15pm
Globe Theatre Box Office, Shakespeare's Globe, Bankside, London SE1 020 7401 9919
Tickets £35

Complete schedule available here:

The general website of The Shakespearean Authorship Trust is here:

I am going - anyone and everyone is welcome to join me!