November 22nd, 2011

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The Swivel Theatre Company Proudly Presents Twelfth Night

The Swivel Theatre Company: Classic theatre … with a twist

I present to you The Swivel Theatre Company:

Swivel Theatre Company is a new theatre company, based in London. Their mission is to produce classic plays in a new and dynamic way, to make the plays more accessible to the general public. They are a group of young professionals, who are passionate about theatre and who want to share their love and enthusiasm for the theatre with others. Swivel Theatre Company is about going back to basics. Good theatre is about telling great stories well, and that is what they do.

The Swivel Theatre Company website is here:

Swivel's first production was Othello, which ran at the Barons Court Theatre from 1 to 20 February 2011. Othello sold out one week prior to its opening night, played to full capacity every night, and garnered 5 star reviews.

Swivel are now hoping to build on their initial success and are proud to announce their new production which will be bigger and better!

Swivel Theatre Company will be presenting their second production, Twelfth Night, at the Cockpit Theatre, from Wednesday 29th February to Sunday 18th March 2012.

Swivel have chosen Twelfth Night because they are looking for a new challenge. After tackling one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, they thought they should attempt one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies.

Their "twist" is that the setting will be Morocco, represented and presented in all its richness and diversity, and the Houses of Orsino and Olivia will be Moroccan households. Their production will be a veritable feast for all of your senses.

Today (Tuesday 22 November) is the Swivel Theatre Company's first official fundraiser for their new production of Twelfth Night. The aim of the evening is to raise as much money as they can.

The Swivel Theatre Company have created a new website which contains all of the information about their new production of Twelfth Night. It is here:

Finally, follow the link to read my feature on The Swivel Theatre Company, including all the details about their first production of Othello:

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Benedict and Jonny as Creature, Frankenstein, now on the sidebar

In recognition of Benedict and Jonny's historic joint win as Best Actor for Frankenstein, in the Evening Standard Theatre Awards, the image below has - belatedly! - gone onto the sidebar:

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I just love the image - it is heart-stopping!