October 22nd, 2011

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55th BFI London Film Festival: A Dangerous Method

An extra screening of A Dangerous Method has been laid on and I have got a ticket. A Dangerous Method was one of the films I wanted to see but could not get into, as all the screenings were fully booked by the time I logged on. However, God has taken pity on me, and I can now go to the Ball after all! Hooray!

Cut and pasted from the London Film Festival website:

Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley star in David Cronenberg's compelling look at the early days of psychoanalysis.

In the early 1900s, Carl Jung, an up-and-coming doctor at a Swiss clinic, decides to experiment on a young Russian patient, Sabina Spielrein, using Sigmund Freud's controversial new method. Spielrein arrives at the clinic a deeply disturbed woman, though clearly intelligent and herself interested in pursuing a career as an analyst. Jung's treatment of Spielrein, and the affair that this leads to, takes place alongside the development of his intense relationship with Freud, who sees Jung very much as his disciple and heir to the throne. As Jung wrestles with his own impulses and his growing desire to distance himself from Freud the father figure, a personal and ideological split seems inevitable.

Raks's take

The main reason I wanted to see this film was that I saw the stage play that it is based on, The Talking Cure, at the National in 2003, starring Ralph Fiennes as Carl Jung. I loved it! Obviously I would have preferred Ralph to be in the film, but we can't always have everything we want in life!

Follow the link for more details:

An extra screening of Coriolanus, directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes in the title role, has also been put on. I will post my review of it shortly but, in brief, I loved it (no surprises there then!). It is truly outstanding and I am highly highly highly recommending it. So if you can get into the extra screening, do!

London Film Festival. Browse the full programme and book tickets here:
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The House Of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

FINALLY! I have a Sherlockian story! It has been way too long!

Yesterday, I was in Waterstones and I found that they were giving away free exclusive chapter samplers of the new Sherlock Holmes novel by Anthony Horowitz "The House Of Silk". Obviously, I took one and dived straight in.

Lifted from the inside cover of the sampler:

"It is November 1890 and London is gripped by a merciless winter. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are enjoying tea by the fire when an agitated gentleman arrives unannounced at 221B Baker Street. He begs Holmes for help, telling the unnerving story of a scar-faced man with piercing eyes who has stalked him in recent weeks.

Intrigued by the man's tale, Holmes and Watson find themselves drawn into a series of puzzling and sinister events, stretching from the gas-lit streets of London to the teeming criminal underworld of Boston. As the pair delve deeper into the case, they stumble across a whispered phrase "the House of Silk": a mysterious entity and foe more deadly than any Holmes has encountered, and a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of society itself ...".

Raks's take

The sampler contains the Preface and Chapter One (or part of it) - there are 20 pages in all. I devoured it. It was brilliant. The writing - the style and the tone - is 100% true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Anthony Horowitz breathed life back into my beloved Holmes and Watson. And the whole set-up for the story with Watson visiting Holmes, the two men relaxing and laughing together, and then the entrance of their new mysterious client was classic Conan Doyle. I rarely read Sherlock Holmes stories that are not Conan Doyle authored. I much prefer to stick to my beloved Canon and I would rather re-read one of my old favourites for the umpteenth time than some poor imitation of the real thing. However, I loved this and am now dying to read the whole novel and cannot wait to get my hands on it - the sampler served its purpose!

Waterstones have a good deal going on the book at the moment. You can pre-order "The House Of Silk" for half price in store or online and you then get an exclusive Waterstones edition with an original Sherlock Holmes story and introduction from Anthony Horowitz for free. Only £9.49 (RRP £18.99). "The House Of Silk" is published on 1 November.

Meet Anthony Horowitz

Tuesday 1 November at 6pm, Waterstones Piccadilly

Anthony will be signing copies of the new Sherlock Holmes novel "The House Of Silk". The first 221 copies will be exclusively limited numbered editions (strictly one per customer).