September 2nd, 2011

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Sidney Paget Illustrations: "Holmes gave me a sketch of the events"

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I thought it was about time I started to post some of the iconic original Sidney Paget illustrations from the Strand magazine. This one is one of my personal favourites and must be one of the most famous and most popular images of Holmes and Watson together.

"I lay back against the cushions, puffing at my cigar, while Holmes, leaning forward, with his long thin forefinger checking off the points upon the palm of his left hand, gave me a sketch of the events which had led to our journey."

- The Adventure of Silver Blaze
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Philip Lawrence Awards Network: Young People Doing Great Things

The Philip Lawrence Awards were established in 1997 by Frances Lawrence and former Home Secretary, Michael Howard, in the memory of head teacher Philip Lawrence who was murdered whilst protecting a pupil outside his school in London.

Philip Lawrence believed that ‘every child is capable of greatness’ and the awards focus on promoting a positive portrayal of young people to help overcome negative media coverage and stereotypes. They recognise and celebrate the achievements of young people, who are making a difference in their communities.

The Philip Lawrence Awards Network (PLAnet) celebrates the positive difference that young people’s projects are making in communities all over the UK.

They want you to tell them what you are doing so that you can get recognised. To find out more follow the link:
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White psychiatric interpretations of Black psychosis: colonial Africa and modern-day Britain

I ran an article about David Bennett earlier this week to provide a bit of background to this original feature that I am running today. The article stated that institutional racism was rife throughout the mental health service of the NHS, according to an independent inquiry into the "unnecessary and tragic" death of a black man (David Bennett), restrained at a secure clinic in Norwich. The David Bennett feature is here:

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White psychiatric interpretations of Black psychosis: A comparative study of colonial Africa and modern-day Britian

I did an MSc in Race and Ethnic Relations at Birkbeck College, University of London, which I completed in 2004. This feature article is a summary of the dissertation that I did as part of my MSc. I looked at how white (and in particular British) psychiatrists and psychologists in colonial Africa and modern-day Britain have interpreted black psychosis.

This is my original writing and cannot be used or reproduced without my prior permission and consent.

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