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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

11:52 am: rakspatel Beginners
01:46 am: rakspatel Emperor and Galilean, National Theatre
01:54 am: rakspatel Benedict - The Beating Heart of The Umbrella Organisation
11:11 am: rakspatel Heaven  2 comments
11:51 pm: rakspatel King James Bible: The Book of Psalms: Psalm 3
12:03 am: rakspatel Raks makes the District Messenger for the Third Time!
12:18 am: rakspatel Academics for Undershaw
08:33 am: rakspatel Last chance to see Emperor and Galilean  7 comments
12:49 am: rakspatel All Souls: Hymn
12:56 am: rakspatel King James Bible: The Book of Psalms: Psalm 23
12:59 am: rakspatel Best of luck to Andrew Scott ...
01:14 am: rakspatel King James Bible: The Lord's Prayer
10:28 am: rakspatel Paintframe, National Theatre
12:31 am: rakspatel Emperor and Galilean, National Theatre
12:37 am: rakspatel London Riots: Violence Escalates Across London
01:11 am: rakspatel Who was the Emperor Julian?
01:54 am: rakspatel London Riots
11:55 am: rakspatel Goodbye Emperor and Galilean
01:01 am: rakspatel UK Riots: A View from the Black Community
12:19 am: rakspatel Empire presents Big Screen - 12-14 August, O2
12:22 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss at the Empire Big Screen talking about Sherlock  4 comments
12:35 am: rakspatel Empire Big Screen: Friends with Benefits
12:48 am: rakspatel Empire Big Screen: The Help
01:05 am: rakspatel Empire Big Screen: Fright Night  7 comments
02:44 am: rakspatel Stuart: Bank Holiday Monday Special  2 comments
10:40 pm: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes' London - The Investigation [DVD]  1 comment
10:54 pm: rakspatel Doctor Who Preview Screening, BFI  4 comments
11:06 pm: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows   7 comments
11:28 pm: rakspatel Bert and Dickie: Matt Smith in Olympics Drama
12:12 am: rakspatel David Cameron on riots: broken society is top of my political agenda  1 comment
11:31 am: rakspatel UK Riots: A View from Black Britain
11:51 am: rakspatel Stuart: A Life Backwards
04:24 pm: rakspatel London and UK Riots: Community Response
11:29 am: rakspatel Aspire2Be: Nurturing Black Leaders of the Future
11:30 am: rakspatel Looking for Richard and Richard III
12:25 am: rakspatel Wahay - The Craze, One Man, Two Guvnors CD goes on sale!  4 comments
12:53 am: rakspatel Event: Operation Hope and Recovery
12:13 am: rakspatel Open Letter to the Prime Minister from Professor Gus John  4 comments
01:28 am: rakspatel Paintframe, National Theatre
01:33 pm: rakspatel Stand up, Stand up for Jesus by George Duffield Jr
09:14 am: rakspatel A New Direction  2 comments
09:22 am: rakspatel Teaser: Coming Soon - News from the Edinburgh Festival  1 comment
06:30 pm: rakspatel Ravi Shankar, Usher Hall, Edinburgh Festival  4 comments
06:52 pm: rakspatel One Thousand and One Nights, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh Festival
07:24 pm: rakspatel Theresa May calls for tougher police powers
12:18 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
12:28 am: rakspatel "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi
02:32 pm: rakspatel London Road, National Theatre, Closing Tomorrow
04:30 pm: rakspatel Underworld play Clapham Common tomorrow, Saturday 27 August 2011
04:47 pm: rakspatel Welcome Back Dr Who!
05:30 pm: rakspatel Rise of the Planet of the Apes  4 comments
02:02 am: rakspatel The Interrupters
11:32 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Society of London's Oxford Weekend
04:14 pm: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes' London - The Investigation (DVD)
12:49 am: rakspatel Festivals  2 comments
03:25 pm: rakspatel Empire Big Screen - Top Tips
04:22 pm: rakspatel Sherlock: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
04:50 pm: rakspatel The People's Bible: Make your mark in history
12:44 am: rakspatel The Tempest starring Ralph Fiennes, Theatre Royal Haymarket
01:30 am: rakspatel Sherlock: Bank Holiday Monday Special
02:27 am: rakspatel Benedict Cumberbatch: Bank Holiday Monday Special
09:02 pm: rakspatel Sherlockian.net  2 comments
02:17 am: rakspatel The Black Church must respond to disaffected youth
09:20 am: rakspatel The Faith Machine, Royal Court
09:51 am: rakspatel 99% campaign: Young Londoners Leading Positive Lives
11:37 am: rakspatel Academics for Undershaw: Conan Doyle Museum and Centre for British and Irish Crime Writing
01:34 am: rakspatel The Twelve Best of the Holmes Stories, selected by Conan Doyle  2 comments
02:29 am: rakspatel Gangs: What is a "gang"?
04:15 pm: rakspatel The Kitchen, National Theatre, opens today (31 August)  4 comments
05:44 pm: rakspatel The Merchant of Venice: The National (2001) vs RSC (2011)  2 comments
06:01 pm: rakspatel Merchant of Venice: NT version starring Henry Goodman as Shylock
06:26 pm: rakspatel David Bennett: Patient's death 'reveals festering NHS racism'