July 7th, 2011

Andrew Scott 2

Seeing "Emperor And Galilean" and Meeting Andrew Scott


Apologies if I start to ramble but I'm not thinking entirely clearly at the moment.

I went to see Emperor And Galilean this evening, 6th July. I also went last Friday but due to a rather violent bout of food poisoning I had to leave during the interval. So at the weekend when I was feeling better I booked to go again this evening, managing to get the middle seat in the third row of the stalls. Fantastic seat, felt like I was in the play with them I was so close to the action.

Emperor And Galilean is without a doubt the most astonishing thing I have ever seen. It is epic in every sense of the word, in its staging, its content, its cast, everything. It's on for three and a half hours but I got so involved with what was happening on stage that the time just flew by. Andrew Scott, who is hardly ever off the stage for the entire play, is astounding. His character, Julian, goes through every emotion going and Andrew portrays them all with such utter conviction that you end up going there with him too. I cried, I laughed, I got angry with Julian, felt sorry for him, and was horrified at the things he did.

I am so impressed with this play, and with what it has to say about faith, and friendship, and how even the best of intentions can go horribly, disastrously wrong. I am also very very impressed with Andrew Scott. The man is amazing!

After seeing the play all the way through this time, and being completely blown away by it, I decided that I really wanted to tell Andrew how good I thought he and the play were, so afterwards I headed to the stage door. I was a little bit nervous as I waited, (surprisingly I was the only one there), and I managed to drop my camera which killed it. I didn't have long to wait though before I saw not just Andrew but also James McArdle (who plays Agathon) heading towards me. Double whammy right there to have both of them come out together.

When they reached me Andrew smiled, (beautiful smile), and asked if I was waiting for them. For a moment I thought I wasn't going to be able to string two words together, but they were both so friendly I felt immediately at ease and told them how astonishing I thought they both were in the play.  They signed my programme and I thought it very sweet that Andrew asked if they could sign a different page to the one it was open on when I gave it to them, as they wanted to sign the middle page where there is a photo of the two of them in rehearsals. I said I didn't mind at all, and as they did that I told them about being ill on Friday, (they were very sympathetic), and that I'd dropped my camera and now it wouldn't work. Andrew even tried to fix it for me, then when he couldn't and I said I was going to see the play again in a couple of weeks, he said I should go to the stage door that night and that we could do the photo thing then. Although I am still gutted I dropped the thing as the photo opportunity with the two of them would have been wonderful. Both Andrew and James were utterly charming and seemed happy that I'd taken the time to go tell them I'd liked the play and their performances.

It was the perfect end to the evening. And just incase any of you haven't noticed yet......not only is Andrew Scott a fantastically talented actor, he is also absolutely gorgeous.