June 15th, 2011

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Emperor and Galilean by Henrik Ibsen, National Theatre

There have been a number of feature articles in the quality broadsheets on Emperor and Galilean, which will have its press night tonight at the National Theatre.

Firstly, in the Guardian. Jonathan Kent on why his new production of Ibsen's play about a Roman emperor's struggle with his faith is so timely.

Then, the Telegraph. Dynamic duo launch into a leviathan. Directors Jonathan Kent and Ian McDiarmid are used to challenges. But a nine-hour Ibsen boasting 75 speaking parts? Jasper Rees reports.

And finally, the Independent. Ibsen's 'Emperor and Galilean': a lost classic.
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Emperor and Galilean Press Night Tonight, National Theatre

Photo credit: http://www.ntposters.org.uk/image/677612/emperor-and-galilean

It is the press night at the National Theatre for Emperor and Galilean tonight. Best of luck to Andrew Scott and the rest of the cast and crew.

Go National Theatre go!

Cut and pasted from the National's website:

Charting the true odyssey of an astonishing man, Julian, as he struggles to find spiritual fulfilment and political pre-eminence, Ibsen’s lost masterpiece sweeps across Greece and the Middle-East from AD 351 covering 12 crucial years in the history of civilisation.

Made Emperor, Julian attempts to abolish Christianity and restore the old gods. But met with fierce resistance, this great free-thinker becomes a tyrant more hated than his brutal predecessor Constantius. And in arousing the Christians from their apathy he advances their cause, his life and death altering the course of history in stark opposition to his intent.

Ibsen’s magnificent farewell to epic drama tackles faith head on. A cast of 50 perform this exciting new version, creating a cathedral of sound and ritual.

For more details follow the link:

I will post links to the key reviews tomorrow.