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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

12:20 am: rakspatel Mr Scott is coming to town (well, the National)  2 comments
10:09 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Statue, Baker Street Station  5 comments
10:29 am: rakspatel Walk for Life - 5 days to go!
10:31 am: rakspatel 300 Journal Entries for The Umbrella Organisation
12:25 pm: rakspatel Wicked Witch of the West
01:20 pm: rakspatel PJ's Art: Sibling Rivalry - Mycroft and Sherlock  6 comments
02:45 pm: rakspatel Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) Open Day - Sunday 12 June 2011
04:27 pm: rakspatel Sherlock: The Adventure of the Shock Blanket  2 comments
12:06 am: rakspatel Sir Nicholas Hytner event today
12:09 am: rakspatel Prayer for Serenity
07:51 am: rakspatel Walk for Life and The Wizard of Oz Theme
01:18 pm: rakspatel PJ's Art: Consulting Detective
10:21 am: rakspatel Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray - Film Screening at the V&A  3 comments
11:46 am: rakspatel PJ's Art: Sherlock and the Science of Love
01:53 pm: rakspatel Benedict as Victor, Frankenstein, National Theatre
12:12 am: rakspatel It is fated - Nick Hytner, V&A  2 comments
12:23 am: rakspatel The Wizard of Oz - Rakshita "Dorothy" Patel
08:37 am: rakspatel PJ's Art: Mycroft and the Umbrella
11:36 pm: rakspatel Goodbye In A Forest, Dark and Deep
12:57 am: rakspatel Walk for Life is today!
11:47 pm: rakspatel Hymns, All Souls  2 comments
09:54 am: rakspatel Walk for Life - Completed and Photographic Proof Thereof  2 comments
10:37 pm: rakspatel Thank you from the Terrence Higgins Trust
03:49 pm: rakspatel The Great Mouse Detective - BFI, Southbank
11:26 pm: rakspatel National Theatre: New Season Brochure is Out  2 comments
02:07 pm: rakspatel Mark Gatiss and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes - Event happening tomorrow  1 comment
02:46 pm: rakspatel Underworld to play Clapham Common - Saturday 27 August 2011
01:26 am: rakspatel The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes  3 comments
01:43 am: rakspatel One Man, Two Guvnors, National Theatre
11:48 pm: rakspatel Thought for the Day
11:56 pm: rakspatel One Man, Two Guvnors, National Theatre
10:18 pm: rakspatel Hamlet: Act 1 Scene 3
02:53 pm: rakspatel James Blunt concerts - Hampton Court Palace and Kenwood House
12:48 am: rakspatel If by Rudyard Kipling  1 comment
01:05 am: rakspatel Emperor and Galilean by Henrik Ibsen, National Theatre  4 comments
02:50 pm: rakspatel Emperor and Galilean Press Night Tonight, National Theatre
12:39 am: rakspatel Best of Luck to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London at their cricket match on Sunday  1 comment
12:15 pm: rakspatel Stuart: A Life Backwards
12:32 pm: rakspatel Goodbye To The Holy Rosenbergs, National Theatre
12:29 am: rakspatel All Souls: Hymn
12:36 am: rakspatel Emperor and Galilean, National Theatre   4 comments
01:20 am: rakspatel One Man, Two Guvnors, National Theatre
09:51 pm: panijeziora art  9 comments