May 28th, 2011

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Worldwide Undershaw Preservation Day - Sat 14 May 2011 - Hindhead, Surrey - The Tunnel Walkthrough

Cut the pasted from the Undershaw Preservation Trust website:

"The day went extremely well and we managed to part with 450 of the 500 deerstalkers. A group of staunch supporters of the cause did a grand job in promoting our cause amongst the visitors to the area. Thank you to everyone that participated."

For the full story and some photos follow the link:
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Sherlock Holmes Society of London - Badges arrived in the post today!

Oh My God! I am so excited and made up!

As you all know, I spent last weekend hanging out with the Sherlock Holmes Society of London (I was with them on Thursday, Friday and Sunday), going to the weekend of Sherlockian events in London they were running in celebration of the Society's 60th anniversary.

Anyway, I spied some Sherlock Holmes Society of London (SHSL) badges that their members were wearing (they are not available at the Society shop on the website) that I REALLY wanted - I am a huge fan of badges! I made a special request for them and today they have arrived.

They are to die for and I am in heaven! They have basically gone straight to the top of my list as my favourite badges ever and I shall be wearing mine with pride!

What I would say about the Society's events was that they were all first class - great venues, great food, great company. The Society's members are all very friendly and welcoming of new members and go all out to make you feel at home. It is brilliant to be able to hang out with fellow Sherlockians and be able to talk about Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, Benedict and Arthur Conan Doyle to your heart's content. I have fallen in love with the Society and will be prioritising all of their upcoming events.

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London - highly highly recommended: