May 20th, 2011

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The Sherlock Holmes Society of London - Thursday 19 May 2011

Yesterday, for the first time, I went to a couple of events run by The Sherlock Holmes Society of London (both events were part of the weekend of Sherlockian events in London in celebration of the Society's 60th anniversary). Yesterday was tea on the Terrace of the House of Lords and the Society's Annual General Meeting at the Savage Club.

I met Jonathan, the Chairman, and David, the Membership Secretary, for the first time in person, and re-acquainted myself with Guy, the President, and Roger, the Editor. And I got to meet a wide range of the Society's members both from the UK and overseas (there is a big American contingent over for the weekend). Everyone was lovely and charming and I really enjoyed the company, making new friends, and talking about Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, "Sherlock", and Benedict.

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London - highly highly recommended!

Follow the link and join now!:
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Frankenstein, National Theatre

Old news now but I have belatedly realised that I do not have this photo on the community:

Photographer: Andrew Crowley
Photo credit:

Key highlights of the production were:

- Danny Boyle directing and returning to the stage after too many years away
- Benedict and Jonny alternating the roles of Frankenstein and the Creature
- Underworld doing the music
- the venue being the Olivier at the National. The National is my favourite theatre in London and the Olivier is its biggest stage so it was spectacular!!!

Key articles:
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London Road, National Theatre, extended to 27 August

Photographer: Helen Warner
Photo credit:

From the National Theatre:

“Following an exceptional response from audiences and critics, including nine 5 star reviews, London Road’s run in the Cottesloe has now been extended to 27 August.”

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Benedict as Creature, Frankenstein, National Theatre

I have randomly decided that this photo deserves its own post!


Photographer: Geraint Lewis
Photo credit:

Benedict as Creature was one of THE most impressive performances/amazing things I had seen on the London stage in over 20 years of hacking around London theatre. Purely off the back of his performance as Creature, the first time I saw it, I upgraded my membership level at the National Theatre to become a Patron.