May 6th, 2011

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Colin Jackson and me

Enough people have seen me in and around the National Theatre during the Frankenstein run for me not to be afraid of "outing" myself.

So, this is me, in a sparkly Indian outfit with Colin Jackson.

So what was the occasion? Colin Jackson was the keynote speaker at my Pathways graduation.

What was Pathways?

The Cabinet Office’s Pathways Leadership Programme was a comprehensive leadership development programme designed to identify and develop senior managers from ethnic minorities with the potential to reach the Senior Civil Service (SCS) - twenty senior managers were selected annually across Whitehall.

I applied for the programme to challenge myself, enhance my networks, and to facilitate personal development and career progression. It was fun!

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The British public and the UK say NO to AV - Hooray!

Vote 2011: UK rejects alternative vote.

The UK has voted overwhelmingly to reject changing the way MPs are elected.

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Cut and pasted from the Telegraph:
More than two thirds of people voted to keep the first-past-the-post system in what was the first UK-wide referendum for 36 years. It was a boost to David Cameron who had campaigned hard for a No vote and a blow to Nick Clegg, who had made a referendum on voting reform a condition of the Coalition deal which is this week one year old.

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