May 3rd, 2011

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First UPT Newsletter hits the stands

The first UPT newsletter, starting with a report from Lynn Gale, co-founder of UPT, and featuring a report from London written by yours truly, is out now.

Read it here:

Also, in relation to UPT, as you all know, on Monday 11 April 2011 I started a new role in the Home Office, working on gangs, guns, knives and youth crime. I want to focus on my new job and so I am stepping down from my role as the London rep for UPT with immediate effect.

Lynn Gale, co-founder of UPT, announced the news on the UPT Facebook site over the weekend and was kind enough to thank me for the amount of work I have done for UPT and wished me all the best in my new job. Thank you Lynn!
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Frankenstein closing night party feedback

So, the party was yesterday. What happened? Those of you who came to the party will know. Those of you who couldn't make it (for whatever reason) never will. What I will say is that those of you who were coming, and then didn't, missed out big time!

The party was highly entertaining and very interesting.

And I wanted to say thank you Mr Cumberbatch!