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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

12:26 am: rakspatel In a Forest, Dark and Deep by Neil Labute
03:37 pm: rakspatel Result!
08:43 am: rakspatel First UPT Newsletter hits the stands
11:34 pm: rakspatel Frankenstein closing night party feedback  10 comments
03:33 pm: rakspatel Frankenstein Q&A Transcript
04:46 pm: rakspatel Third Star Trailer
04:51 pm: rakspatel Benedict Cumberbatch
04:56 pm: rakspatel Stuart: A Life Backwards
12:34 am: rakspatel AV Referendum - Please use your vote
01:50 pm: rakspatel One Man, Two Guvnors, National Theatre  2 comments
04:37 pm: rakspatel Tiger - Ranthambhore National Park, India
05:24 pm: rakspatel Vote No to AV today  3 comments
06:43 pm: rakspatel Colin Jackson and me  6 comments
11:26 pm: rakspatel The British public and the UK say NO to AV - Hooray!
08:42 am: rakspatel Sherlock Website
12:36 am: rakspatel London Road, National Theatre
12:39 am: rakspatel Goodbye Clybourne Park
01:36 pm: rakspatel St Martin in the Fields: Prayers for Reflection and Meditation
02:00 pm: rakspatel Friendship - Stuart  1 comment
02:29 pm: rakspatel The Big Sleep Out - Friday 20 May 2011
03:17 pm: rakspatel Today is Stuart: A Life Backwards Day  2 comments
12:33 am: rakspatel All Souls - Hymn
12:46 am: rakspatel All Souls - Messages
06:30 pm: rakspatel Proud to be British!  1 comment
05:56 pm: rakspatel Shout out to Matthew Fox
10:40 pm: rakspatel Researchers' Tales: A series of free lectures based on research at the NT Archive
01:03 pm: nathcoelho ATTENTION!: Twelve hours to stop the death penalt to homosexual in Uganda.
10:57 pm: rakspatel Researchers' Tales: Hamlet at the National Theatre - Colin Bell
11:44 pm: nathcoelho Mycroft Holmes  2 comments
04:16 pm: rakspatel Risk
10:51 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Society of London: A Capital Jubiliation! Thursday 19 May to Sunday 22 May 2011
11:06 am: rakspatel The Best of the Sherlock Holmes Journal: Volume Two
11:12 am: rakspatel Today is Worldwide Undershaw Preservation Day - Saturday 14 May 2011
11:35 am: rakspatel Third Star Countdown begins  3 comments
05:48 pm: rakspatel Third Star tickets booked  6 comments
05:56 pm: rakspatel Weekly Cumberbatch: Benedict and the Prince's Trust
08:05 am: rakspatel Christian Aid Week: 15-21 May 2011
08:20 am: rakspatel I Am The Wind, Young Vic  1 comment
11:33 am: rakspatel Let's get the week off to a flying start
12:02 pm: rakspatel Benedict and biking  2 comments
12:30 pm: rakspatel Third Star - Monday
05:40 pm: rakspatel Go Sherlock  5 comments
05:45 pm: rakspatel OMG! Benedict and the Coat  2 comments
05:25 pm: rakspatel Third Star - Tuesday
05:30 pm: rakspatel 250 Journal Entries for The Umbrella Organisation  2 comments
11:04 pm: rakspatel St Francis 1182-1226
11:21 pm: rakspatel The Times: Saturday Review: Benedict Cumberbatch on life after Frankenstein
10:07 am: rakspatel Third Star - Wednesday
11:46 am: rakspatel Latest Sherlock News  1 comment
11:51 am: rakspatel Sherlock  2 comments
12:08 pm: rakspatel Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948
05:15 am: rakspatel Third Star - Thursday
05:22 am: rakspatel The Times Interview in full
12:53 pm: rakspatel What is your favourite episode of Sherlock?  1 comment
01:14 pm: rakspatel Frankenstein: Benedict as Creature, National Theatre
12:18 am: rakspatel Third Star - Friday
12:20 am: rakspatel Third Star opening nationwide in the UK today  2 comments
07:24 am: rakspatel The Sherlock Holmes Society of London - Thursday 19 May 2011
01:39 pm: rakspatel Frankenstein, National Theatre
02:12 pm: rakspatel London Road, National Theatre, extended to 27 August
03:07 pm: rakspatel Benedict as Creature, Frankenstein, National Theatre
04:21 pm: rakspatel Third Star Rehearsal Photo
12:58 am: rakspatel I Am The Wind, Young Vic, closes today
01:12 am: rakspatel The Sherlock Holmes Society of London - Diamond Jubilee Dinner
11:43 pm: rakspatel I Am The Wind, Young Vic
01:17 am: yvaine24 Third Star  2 comments
09:35 am: rakspatel Third Star  2 comments
10:59 am: rakspatel Benedict vs Matt tonight  1 comment
12:29 am: rakspatel TV BAFTAs 2011: Congratulations to Sherlock and to Rev  2 comments
01:27 am: nathcoelho OMFG! OMFG! NEWS!!!!!!!! *_________*  4 comments
09:46 am: rakspatel Congratulations to Mark Gatiss   1 comment
09:55 am: rakspatel Rev, BBC
12:24 pm: panijeziora (no subject)  12 comments
01:22 pm: rakspatel Radio Times: Selected Quotes  1 comment
01:26 pm: rakspatel BAFTAs 2011: Hooray!  2 comments
02:36 pm: rakspatel One Man, Two Guvnors, National Theatre - Press night tonight
03:07 pm: rakspatel These are a few of my favourite songs: Nick Hytner
01:24 pm: rakspatel Great reviews in for One Man, Two Guvnors, National Theatre  1 comment
11:37 am: rakspatel Worldwide Undershaw Preservation Day - Sat 14 May 2011 - Hindhead, Surrey - The Tunnel Walkthrough
12:10 pm: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Society of London - Badges arrived in the post today!
03:49 pm: rakspatel Third Star  5 comments
12:24 am: rakspatel All Souls
10:41 am: rakspatel London Literature Festival, Southbank Centre - 30 June to 14 July 2011  2 comments
04:27 pm: rakspatel The Holy Rosenbergs, National Theatre
04:44 pm: rakspatel Third Star/Benedict Cumberbatch and Oscar Wilde mash-up  1 comment
04:48 pm: rakspatel Third Star
05:19 pm: rakspatel We want Sherlock back in London  2 comments
07:54 pm: panijeziora sketch  1 comment
10:41 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes  2 comments
11:07 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Society of London Badge
11:40 am: rakspatel PJ's Art: Mycroft and the British Government  2 comments
12:14 pm: rakspatel Lord of the Flies, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre  2 comments
01:11 pm: rakspatel Walk for Life is this Sunday (Sunday 5 June 2011)  2 comments