April 21st, 2011

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Mission Accomplished! Mr Cumberbatch has his posh party invite - I never need to stage door again!

Yesterday I was at Frankenstein (this was the show I had planned to see with my friends a long time ago) and also went to the Q&A, which was excellent. Both Danny and Benedict are massively impressive - very intelligent and very intellectual.

Anyway, I was at the Stage Door again and FINALLY I got Benedict! I gave him a party invite. He was also kind enough to sign my Stuart: A Life Backwards DVD cover which is what I wanted his autograph on more than anything else. I told him that particular piece was special to me and meant a lot to me so he was happy to sign it.

I now need to get Tom Hardy. I told one of my friends that the chances of doing this are really slim as Tom has not been near the London stage in ages. She came up with the genius idea of going to one of his film premieres - I will try this!

Mark Gatiss was also unexpectedly there and so I gave him a few invites. I told him I was not at all expecting him to come - he is a busy man etc - but I just wanted him to have the invite.

AND I got Danny's autograph on my special edition print for Frankenstein. I took him 2 options - the poster option and the Benedict as Creature option and asked him to choose whichever he wanted to sign. He chose to sign the poster.

So that being done I NEVER EVER have to go to the National stage door again - HOORAY!
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Closing night tickets

So the third person I had offered a closing night ticket to has now turned me down! So I will have another think.

And I am also giving up my own ticket for closing night. I want my last experience of Frankenstein to be Benedict as Creature (which will happen on Saturday 30 April) and I have no desire to see the reverse casting again (although I will be seeing it as part of NT Live). So I need to think about who my own ticket will go to too.
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The National Theatre is for Everyone

"For the National to be for everyone, our three auditoriums must present work of the greatest diversity, for minority and majority tastes, for all age groups and for audiences from every conceivable background. What binds the enterprise together is not similarity of repertoire, but the same high standards".

Trevor Nunn, Director of the National Theatre