April 17th, 2011

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Sherlock Holmes Museum

Today I took about 1,000 to 1,500 Undershaw flyers to the Sherlock Holmes Museum London. So if you are paying them a visit look out for our Undershaw flyers!

I also gave the Curator and his deputy posh invites to my closing night party.

As usually happens, I went mad in their shop. The Sherlock Holmes Museum has by far and the away the best Sherlock memorabilia in London - check it out!
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Posh party invites hit the National

I took the party invites to the National today.

Management will get their invites on their desks first thing Monday morning as they have all gone in the internal mail as of today (when I say management I am talking about everyone who is not front of house and "on the shop floor" as it were).

However, I personally gave out a lot of invites to the regular staff who I see at the National every day when I am there.

The cafe staff are coming to the party - come on down!
The bar staff are coming to the party - come on down!
The Mezzanine restaurant is coming to the party - come on down!
NT security are coming to the party - come on down!
The Box Office are coming to the party - come on down!

The bookshop staff however did not seem that impressed! - Oh well, you can't please everyone all of the time!

I was at the stage door and managed to give the invites to the two child actors in Frankenstein (Haydon Downing and William Nye) both of whom seemed over the moon with their party invitations! (in fact I initially gave the invites to their parents/minders but they were both quite insistent that they wanted an invite themselves!), Daniel Millar (Felix de Lacey) and Mark Armstrong (Rab). I also randomly gave an invite to Hamlet's uncle as I really liked him in the production and I think he is the most amazing actor. I also gave the invites out to Cumberbatchfans who I knew at the stage door.

Mr Cumberbatch was not at the stage door today so I will have to keep trying until I catch him.

In answer to all those people who said otherwise, staff at the National thought the invite looked stunning and were impressed. The National's branding is leading edge so they know what they are talking about! I had wanted the invites to look professional so they would be good enough for staff at the National theatre. Mission accomplished!
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Posh party invites are received by key female actors in Frankenstein

So I was at the stage door again today waiting for Mr Cumberbatch. He was not there.

However I did catch:

a) Female creature - Andreea Padurariu
b) Gretal/Clarice - Ella Smith - I mainly wanted her because I loved her in Bedlam at the Globe last season and
c) Agatha - Lizzie Winkler

So all the key lead female actors in the production! They all now have posh party invites!

A couple of key cast members have now said that they are coming to the party although they may of course just be being polite! So we will wait and see on the day.