April 15th, 2011

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Posh party invites hit Brunel University and Starbucks opposite the Home Office

Posh party invites went to all the staff at Starbucks opposite the Home Office today - I buy my coffee from them every single morning and I love to have a chat with them - it kicks the day off to a good start.

Posh party invites also went to Brunel University - I did my first degree (BSc in Economics and Government) at Brunel and I now support them financially - targeting my support towards students from disadvantaged and deprived backgrounds and also funding for the library. At the thank you reception for donors that they hosted today, I gave invites to the Vice-Chancellor and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, all the Brunel students who came and spoke about how much the funding had helped them, and also all the young people at the event. I am going to email the PDF to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor who is then going to send it out across the various student networks. So Brunellians come on down!

I am also going to look into sourcing mentors and placements for Brunel students from the Home Office and PricewaterhouseCoopers - it is the least I can do as a thank you after all that Brunel has done for me.

Brunel - you made me what I am today - you gave me the career that I have today - THANK YOU BRUNEL!

War Horse opens in New York

Just saw BBC Breakfast footage of both Nick Hytner and author Michael Morpurgo being interviewed at the opening night of this National Theatre production at the Lincoln Center, New York.

This award winning show, which I was lucky enough to see last month at the New London Theatre, surely cannot fail to be anything but a great success in the US – especially with interest in the new Speilberg film to be released at the end of the year. A production is also opening in Toronto in 2012.

Nick Hytner used the occasion to make a plea against the principal of cuts to the arts, pointing out that theatrical excellence was something the Brits were recognised for worldwide.

I apologise that this link probably won't work outside the UK http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-13090816 but reviews are appearing online and more video footage will doubtless follow.

More information here about the London http://warhorselondon.nationaltheatre.org.uk/ and New York productions http://www.warhorseonbroadway.com/

National Theatre iTunes U Site

Well this is very interesting.

I was perusing twitter when I found this on The National's twitter page, so it's all above board, and legal, and comes from The National itself.

It's their iTunes U site which you can go to and download stuff about their productions for free.

There is four things connected with Frankenstein......the NTLive trailer, an interview with Nick Dear, an interview with Danny Boyle and Nick Dear, and something about man made creatures.

There's also stuff available for several other National Theatre productions, and lots of behind the scenes of The National too, and as far as I can tell it's all free.

This link should take you straight to the relevant iTunes page.