April 13th, 2011

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Party invites have arrived!

The posh party invites turned up at work today - they are stunning.

I went live with them across the Home Office today - at my old Unit and also with Home Office Security. Everyone loved the invites and a lot of people are coming to the party.

I then took the invite to Salsateca - where I do salsa every week. Again, a lot of people were very excited about the party. Quite a few people asked me if it was my birthday! Tim, one of the instructors, pitched me the genius idea of him and his mates coming dressed as Frankenstein! I loved that idea - it was excellent. It would be great if Tim or Salsateca were to put in an appearance as they could do an impromptu salsa lesson for us!

Frankenstein Q&A with Danny Boyle, Benedict and JLM

For anyone who doesn't already know there is going to be a Frankenstein Q&A with Danny Boyle, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller organised by Dramatic Need at The National Theatre on Wednesday 20th April at 10.00pm (after that evenings performance of Frankenstein).

Tickets are £10.00 (all proceeds go to Dramatic Need)

The ticket is for the Q&A only and does NOT include a ticket to that nights performance.

Dramatic need are the people who organised The Children's Monologues.

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Tops Mini Cabs Balham and the Lighthouse Fish Bar Tooting BEC get their posh party invites

Today, I dropped off posh party invites at 2 places that are very dear to my heart.

Tops Mini Cabs Balham. They are my local cab company. When I was sick a few years ago they looked after my mum and dad when they came down to London to visit me. They looked after my parents really well so I wanted to say thank you. All their staff are invited to the party.

Lighthouse Fish Bar Tooting Bec. They are my local chippie. I get chips from there a lot. They also watch over me as they are directly opposite the bus stop where I catch my bus home the nights when I am out late at the National etc. They make sure I am safe. The invites are a thank you - they won't be able to come because they will be working all day but they loved the invites and appreciated the gesture.