April 10th, 2011

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All Souls

A good quote taken direct from the sermon today.

Apparently, J P Morgan was asked "What is the best collateral you can give for a loan?".

J P Morgan "Character".

Food for thought indeed.
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Mr Cumberbatch receives his party invite

Today, Sunday, I was at All Souls for their morning service and then at Frankenstein at the National - Benedict as Creature.

I went to the stage door afterwards and whilst I did not have a posh invite - they don't arrive till Wednesday - I gave Benedict an A4 colour printout - the invite has now gone round my friends and family, some National staff and it has been posted on the internet, so I thought it only fair Benedict knew about it!

I told him about the party and he smiled and said "that is so kind - thank you so so much". He was touched.

I also gave him a copy of Mark Gatiss's speech to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London at their Annual Dinner.

I watched Mr Cumberbatch - I was one of the first in line and he held onto all the material I had given him right the way through all the autographs. He went into the stage door and did not bin them. He put them in his satchel, put the satchel over his arm, and walked off with the Mark Gatiss speech and the invite.

I just know that he is going to love Mark's speech - it is a work of genius!