April 8th, 2011

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Exclusive: Frankenstein Closing Night Party Post and Details

This is my invitation. It is copyrighted and professionally produced. No use of this invitation without prior permission is permitted.

I am having 200 posh copies of this invite professionally produced. They will be going to staff at the National Theatre, the Home Office, the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Swivel Theatre Company, the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, All Souls, Salsateca, the Metropolitan Walkers, Brunel University, Lambeth Libraries, the Undershaw Preservation Trust, dancy_dreamer, and gozadreams.


The party is open and inclusive - everyone is welcome at the party. You don't need an invite to come to the party - you just turn up!

But I am working in partnership with the National to ensure that we give the best possible service as we can to party attendees. This means that the National and I need to have some idea re numbers coming so that we can cater for you appropriately.

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Mark Gatiss on Twitter

A couple of choice extracts:

Doctor Who's new opening two parter is 127 kinds of wonderful. Epic, cinematic, thrilling, funny and TERRIFYING. Do enjoy. (3 days ago)

If it so pleases "The Crimson Petal and the White" begins tonight on BBC2 at 9. a show so mucky even I get my top off. (2 days ago)
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TUC March - Saturday 26 March 2011

I did the TUC March on Saturday 26 March.

March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice
Assemble Victoria Embankment, 11am to march to a rally in Hyde Park

TUC "Deep spending cuts damage public services, hit the vulnerable and threaten recovery. They're dangerous, unfair and unnecessary. Let's march to tell the government they need to change course."

Contact for more information

TUC website:

I was marching with the Lambeth lot. I do not want cuts to Lambeth library services which will force children and young people out onto the streets, where they are in danger of guns, gangs, knives and drugs. It is really important that we give young people, especially young black men, positive life chances and opportunities, and divert them away from criminal activity and behaviour.