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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

03:07 am: rakspatel We are open for business
03:09 am: rakspatel Shout out to The Swivel Theatre Company
03:30 am: rakspatel Undershaw Preservation Trust
03:32 am: rakspatel The Undershaw Preservation Trust meets The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
03:34 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss's Speech to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, 2006  1 comment
03:37 am: rakspatel Special Sherlock Screening at the Clapham Picturehouse, followed by Q&A with Mark and Steven
03:39 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss Talk, National Theatre
03:41 am: rakspatel Raks's return to the Anglican Church after 25 years away!  4 comments
09:02 am: rakspatel Who can post what?
09:14 am: rakspatel The Swivel Theatre Company  1 comment
12:09 pm: rakspatel My tribute to Mycroft
12:23 pm: badapplebettie War Horse  5 comments
12:38 pm: rakspatel My tribute to Nick Hytner, Artistic Director, National Theatre  5 comments
12:41 pm: rakspatel My favourite Sherlock photo
02:47 pm: rakspatel Mark Gatiss, Patron of the Undershaw Preservation Trust, visits Hindhead
02:10 am: rakspatel All Souls  1 comment
02:22 am: chiiyo Digital Theatre  1 comment
07:35 am: rakspatel Raks's is off to Hindhead to see Undershaw
07:52 am: rakspatel Ode to the National by Rakshita Patel  1 comment
01:25 pm: captivebird Emperor and Galilean  5 comments
04:19 pm: naihtmae To all the little Shakespeare geeks out there  2 comments
04:35 pm: panijeziora Finsbury Park - Charity Shop - Mark Gatiss  6 comments
01:46 am: rakspatel 20th Century Icons: Film - Selected by Nicholas Hytner  2 comments
01:54 am: rakspatel Raks's visit to Hindhead and Undershaw  2 comments
02:43 am: rakspatel The Umbrella Organisation welcomes Benedict Cumberbatch
02:52 am: rakspatel The Umbrella Organisation welcomes Sherlock
08:49 am: rakspatel Backstage tours, National Theatre  2 comments
08:51 am: rakspatel Children's Monologues, Old Vic
10:30 am: badapplebettie Victorian costuming  8 comments
01:05 am: rakspatel The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival  2 comments
01:25 am: rakspatel Prom Praise, Royal Albert Hall
01:31 am: rakspatel Stuart: A Life Backwards, BBC  2 comments
10:22 am: rakspatel My changing role at the Undershaw Preservation Trust
12:08 pm: rakspatel Message from Richard IV, Sherlock expert, London Walks
11:53 pm: rakspatel Canon: Sherlock Holmes  2 comments
11:55 pm: rakspatel Canon: Mycroft Holmes
12:00 am: rakspatel Canon: Moriarty  1 comment
07:47 am: rakspatel Mark and Benedict - Back together at last!  2 comments
10:14 am: rakspatel Interview with Nick Hytner, Director of the National Theatre  2 comments
10:25 am: rakspatel Brunel University, London
10:47 am: rakspatel OMG - It has arrived!  5 comments
11:22 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss at the Oliviers
12:03 pm: rakspatel Lynn Gale, Assistant Director, Undershaw Preservation Trust
03:52 pm: rakspatel Exclusive: Frankenstein Closing Night Party Invitation   6 comments
04:07 pm: nathcoelho Sherlock Holmes Quotes.  3 comments
01:19 am: rakspatel Personal News - My job at the Home Office  8 comments
01:38 am: rakspatel We just hit 20 members!  10 comments
11:22 am: rakspatel The Crimson Petal and the White, BBC  2 comments
11:25 am: rakspatel Frankenstein Closing Night Party
11:51 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss news
12:28 pm: rakspatel Interview with Nick Hytner, National Theatre
03:12 pm: rakspatel Frankenstein - Channel 4 documentary  2 comments
07:36 pm: panijeziora DONATE for PJ's Charity!  1 comment
12:45 am: rakspatel Welcome back to the National, Mr Cumberbatch!
01:37 am: rakspatel Exclusive: Frankenstein Closing Night Party Post and Details  4 comments
02:26 am: rakspatel Welcome back!  2 comments
07:14 pm: rakspatel Mark Gatiss on Twitter
11:58 pm: rakspatel TUC March - Saturday 26 March 2011
12:05 am: rakspatel Join me on the Crusiad Walk for Life - Sunday 5 June 2011
12:09 am: rakspatel Dramatic Need: Bringing the Creative Arts to Underprivileged Children
12:13 am: rakspatel Maggies and Benedict
12:17 am: rakspatel Registration is now open for the Maggie's London Night Hike - Friday 16 September 2011
12:29 am: rakspatel Introducing Mycroft Holmes
12:30 am: rakspatel Canon: Sherlock and the Riding Crop
12:32 am: rakspatel Andrew Scott, Jim Moriarty
12:34 am: rakspatel Sally: Discussion Time
12:36 am: rakspatel Shout out to Soo Lin!
12:37 am: rakspatel Benedict as Sherlock
12:42 am: rakspatel No shit Sherlock, Laurie Penny, New Statesman
12:44 am: rakspatel Pilot vs Pink  1 comment
12:47 am: rakspatel Come back soon Sherlock!  1 comment
12:49 am: rakspatel BFI Southbank
12:51 am: rakspatel Black Swan
12:52 am: rakspatel 127 Hours
01:21 am: rakspatel National Theatre, London
01:24 am: rakspatel Season's Greetings, National Theatre
01:27 am: rakspatel Mark and Catherine, Season's Greetings, National Theatre
01:28 am: rakspatel Supporting the National Theatre
01:38 am: rakspatel The Last Enemy, BBC
01:40 am: rakspatel Christopher and his kind, BBC2
01:43 am: rakspatel Lighthouse Family, Hammersmith Apollo
01:44 am: rakspatel Matthew Fox hits London!
01:46 am: rakspatel Rev, BBC
01:48 am: rakspatel Sherlock: Official BBC Website
01:51 am: rakspatel Message from Nicholas Hytner to NT supporters re Arts Council cuts
02:00 am: rakspatel Baker Street Tube Station
02:04 am: rakspatel Speedys
02:08 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Pub
02:10 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Pub - Continued
02:16 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss: My Family Values
02:19 am: rakspatel The world of Mark Gatiss, actor and writer
02:27 am: rakspatel The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes DVD
02:29 am: rakspatel The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
10:00 am: rakspatel Starter for Ten
10:03 am: rakspatel Third Star
10:05 am: rakspatel The London Anniversary Meetup - 29 January 2011
10:06 am: rakspatel Clapham meet which preceeded the Sherlock screening
10:10 am: rakspatel Andrew Scott, Design for Living, Old Vic
10:22 am: rakspatel London Walks, Richard IV
10:23 am: rakspatel Undershaw featured in The Daily Telegraph
10:26 am: rakspatel Undershaw Preservation Trust Postcards
10:29 am: rakspatel Backstage tours at the National
10:31 am: rakspatel Benedict won best actor for Sherlock
11:01 am: rakspatel More photos from David Levene's photoshoot
11:05 am: rakspatel NT Live
11:06 am: rakspatel Benedict Cumberbatch
11:09 am: rakspatel Sherlock Royal Television Society Win
11:12 am: rakspatel Benedict Cumberbatch: Why we must defend public subsidy of the arts
11:15 am: rakspatel This post needs no accompanying text  1 comment
11:20 am: rakspatel Frankenstein photo gallery
11:26 am: rakspatel NT Live Trailer
11:30 am: rakspatel Undershaw Pin Badges
11:33 am: rakspatel The Crimson Petal and the White, BBC2
11:36 am: rakspatel Mark Gatiss  1 comment
11:38 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Annual Dinner 2006
11:57 am: rakspatel Tom Hardy wins the Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award
12:29 pm: badapplebettie More from the costuming world...  4 comments
01:12 pm: rakspatel Hawking, BBC
02:49 pm: rakspatel Guardian: NT Live
02:51 pm: rakspatel Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein  1 comment
03:01 pm: rakspatel Clybourne Park, Wyndhams
03:05 pm: rakspatel James Blunt  2 comments
03:09 pm: rakspatel In a Forest: Dark and Deep
03:13 pm: rakspatel Gareth Malone, BBC
04:46 pm: rakspatel Sherlockian obsessions   6 comments
05:11 pm: rakspatel National Theatre - American Express Partnership
05:13 pm: rakspatel National Theatre Archive
05:14 pm: rakspatel Stagework, National Theatre, and selected regional partners
05:20 pm: rakspatel Mark Gatiss, Season's Greetings, National Theatre  1 comment
05:25 pm: rakspatel Raks makes the District Messenger!
08:28 pm: rakspatel All Souls
08:34 pm: rakspatel Mr Cumberbatch receives his party invite  18 comments
01:43 am: rakspatel Home Office  10 comments
12:36 am: chiiyo Cabin Pressure Recording 29th April  8 comments
02:43 am: rakspatel Mycrofting  12 comments
02:47 am: rakspatel Home Office  1 comment
12:11 am: rakspatel Party invites have arrived!  9 comments
02:02 am: yvaine24 Frankenstein Soundtrack  3 comments
02:14 am: yvaine24 Frankenstein Q&A with Danny Boyle, Benedict and JLM  1 comment
11:58 pm: rakspatel Tops Mini Cabs Balham and the Lighthouse Fish Bar Tooting BEC get their posh party invites
12:36 am: rakspatel Thank god for that!
12:50 am: rakspatel Sherlock Series 2  2 comments
12:52 am: rakspatel Saturday 14 May = Worldwide Undershaw Preservation Day
01:02 am: rakspatel An Entirely New Country - Arthur Conan Doyle, Undershaw and the Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes
05:29 am: badapplebettie T-shirt for Benedict?  4 comments
08:21 pm: chiiyo Cabin Pressure Fanart
12:25 am: rakspatel Posh party invites hit Brunel University and Starbucks opposite the Home Office
09:54 am: captivebird War Horse opens in New York
07:41 pm: yvaine24 National Theatre iTunes U Site   2 comments
11:35 am: panijeziora first sherlock doodles:)  3 comments
11:35 am: panijeziora One-page Sherlock Comic:)
11:36 am: panijeziora more re-postsXD  2 comments
11:37 am: panijeziora me again  1 comment
11:37 am: panijeziora valentine's day art
11:43 am: panijeziora (no subject)  1 comment
11:44 am: panijeziora (no subject)
11:44 am: panijeziora (no subject)  1 comment
12:30 am: rakspatel Sherlock Holmes Museum  2 comments
12:42 am: rakspatel Posh party invites hit the National  4 comments
01:14 am: rakspatel Directors of the National Theatre
07:10 pm: rakspatel Posh party invites are received by key female actors in Frankenstein  5 comments
07:34 pm: rakspatel Good Luck to the Swivel Theatre Company for tomorrow
07:38 pm: rakspatel In Honour of the Swivel Theatre Company
07:49 pm: rakspatel All Souls: The King James Bible Screening
09:49 pm: rakspatel More international friends!  10 comments
12:10 am: rakspatel Random fact  2 comments
12:38 am: rakspatel Spare ticket for Wednes 20 April 2011 and spare ticket for closing night
01:19 am: rakspatel Party invites have all gone!
01:23 am: rakspatel Frankenstein soundtrack
11:59 am: rakspatel Maggie's Night Hike - Friday 16 Spetember 2011
12:40 pm: rakspatel Walk for Life - Sunday 5th June 2011
05:20 pm: captivebird Random connection  2 comments
05:59 pm: badapplebettie Tornadoes are teh suck.  6 comments
12:29 am: rakspatel Frankenstein closing night party invites - 200 more invites printed  2 comments
01:24 am: rakspatel Walk for Life - 5 June 2011
02:17 am: rakspatel Closing Night Ticket  1 comment
08:15 pm: badapplebettie Undershaw Benefit Poster on Ebay
12:57 am: yvaine24 Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011  1 comment
01:36 am: rakspatel Yet another interesting day at the National stage door  4 comments
10:15 am: rakspatel Mission Accomplished! Mr Cumberbatch has his posh party invite - I never need to stage door again!  8 comments
10:21 am: rakspatel Closing night tickets
12:42 pm: rakspatel The National Theatre is for Everyone
02:39 pm: rakspatel National Theatre - Sir Nicholas Hytner
08:10 am: rakspatel National Theatre  1 comment
01:24 pm: rakspatel Victoria and Albert Museum  4 comments
01:01 am: rakspatel Posh party invites hit Communities and Local Government (CLG)
01:10 am: rakspatel BAFTAs: Sherlock vs Dr Who - Come on Sherlock!
01:20 am: rakspatel BAFTAs: Vote for Sherlock in the YouTube Audience Award
11:09 am: rakspatel District Messenger 311 - Addendum
11:15 am: rakspatel Belatedly - Welcome Back Dr Who and Matt Smith
11:17 am: rakspatel 200 Journal Entries for The Umbrella Organisation
11:50 am: yvaine24 Rocket To The Moon  1 comment
01:19 am: rakspatel Raks makes the District Messenger for the Second Time
07:28 am: rakspatel Frankenstein Closing Night Tickets
07:14 am: rakspatel Frankenstein closing night tickets
07:37 am: rakspatel Royal Wedding - 29 April 2011  2 comments