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Last week, I awarded the Glitterball a week early to Harry. This week, as tipped by yours truly, Harry took home the Glitterball ... CONGRATULATIONS HARRY!

The second half of the show:
American Smooth - This was to die for. So romantic and breathtakingly beautiful.
Argentine Tango - Harry and Aliona set the dancefloor on FIRE with the intensity of their passion.

The Nation fell in love with Harry over the course of the series - so did I. Why women fell for Harry was not just his sensational dancing skills. It was the fact that he appeared to be such a genuine, kind and decent person, very humble; just a very sweet person.

I must also mention how great it was to see Harry's bandmates supporting him, week in and week out, and going all out for him. I just LOVED the exuberance with which they all rushed onto the dancefloor at the end of this week's final to congratulate both Harry and Aliona.

Photos will be up on this site tomorrow but, in the meantime, follow the link to the official BBC website:

And I am officially crowning Strictly - THE BEST LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMME ON THE BOX!
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