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Wreckers: Short Write-Up of Q&A Session

Photo credit: http://www.spotlight.com/news/archive/2011/10/20/cast-via-spotlight-london-film-festival-special.aspx

I was at the Q&A session, following the screening of Wreckers at the Curzon Soho tonight. The panel consisted of the Director and Writer (D R Hood), and the actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Shaun Evans, who play the two brothers, David and Nick, in the film.

Photo credit: http://www.artificial-eye.com/film.php?cinema=wreckers&images

This is a very high level summary of the discussion:
- The script took 3 years to write on and off; done in bursts; starting with an outline and then working it up
- There were two endings - one happy and one horrible; in the end they cut both the closed endings and left it open; the audience can write their own ending, based on what they have seen and what they bring to the piece
- Nick coming back from the war was the starting point; Dawn was the lens through which the story was told; David was originally a peripheral character in the background; it was only when David became Dawn's husband that everything fell into place
- David was from a "dysfunctional abusive home" with a violent streak
- Nick was the only innocent in the film
- David was both protecting his brother Nick and controlling him
- All of the three main characters (David, Nick and Dawn) are outsiders in the village
- The film conveyed "fragments of memories"
- The film was told from Dawn's perspective; the story was told through her eyes and were her memories eg you often see her in the background, watching and listening to the two brothers, and all you as the audience hear are snippets of the brothers' conversation, just as she would hear
- "Room for interpretation" and a lot was "left to the imagination" - both of the actors and the audience (eg me and yvaine24 had a completely different take on what happened to Nick at the end). As actors, they were given the basic story and were improvising around that; there was a very collaborative way of working between the Director and the actors on the film
- It was better not to explain certain things; things were best left to the audience's imagination; it was for the audience to interpret what was going on; each audience member will being their own "baggage" and so will interpret the story and the film in a different way

My feature on Wreckers is here:
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