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Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker!, Sadler's Wells

I saw this on Thursday. I have seen it before in previous years when it has been on (I am a HUGE Matthew Bourne fan and I go and see all his shows whenever they are on). This is by far and away my favourite version of The Nutcracker, and The Nutcracker is one of my favourite ballets.

Photo credit: http://www.sadlerswells.com/show/New-Adventures-Matthew-Bournes-Nutcracker/gallery

When I first saw this production, it blew me away. When I see the production now, it still blows me away.

The Nutcracker is perfect for Christmas and is a great family show. This version will appeal equally to girls and boys. It might even inspire boys to get into dance.

It is highly imaginative and is a fresh new take on an age old ballet (for example what they do with all the dances in the second half is completely different, new and innovative). The dancing is outstanding. The costumes and the set are colourful, larger than life, and imprint themselves firmly on your memory. It is funny and quirky - very Alice in Wonderland. It has a strong narrative running right the way through it. It covers good and evil. It is heartfelt and touching. And last but not least, it has a happy ending.

Photo credit: http://www.sadlerswells.com/show/New-Adventures-Matthew-Bournes-Nutcracker/gallery

There are many many many Nutcrackers in town at the moment (I stupidly went to see the new version over at the Coliseum a couple of weeks ago too).

What I would say is this ...
Why when this version is in town, playing at Sadlers Wells, where all the seats have a fantastic view of the stage, and where the prices are good value-for-money, where your children will be transported to a magical land and have their imaginations fired to the maximum for life, would you go and see any other version?

Highly highly highly recommended.

Cut and pasted from the Sadler's Wells website:

One of the most popular dance productions ever staged in the UK, Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker! returns to Sadler’s Wells this Christmas to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Nutcracker! follows Clara’s bittersweet journey from a hilariously bleak Christmas Eve at Dr. Dross’ Orphanage, through a shimmering, ice-skating winter wonderland to the scrumptious candy kingdom of Sweetieland.

Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker! is playing at Sadler's Wells from 6 Dec 2011 to 22 Jan 2012. For more information and to book tickets follow the link:
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