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Dreams of a Life out today (Friday 16 December)

Photo credit: http://www.bfi.org.uk/lff/node/1671

Dreams of a Life, which I saw as part of the London Film Festival, is out on nationwide release as of today.

Cut and pasted from the Brixton Ritzy website:

Nobody noticed when thirty-eight year old Joyce Vincent died in her bedsit above a shopping mall in North London in 2003. When her skeleton was discovered three years later, her heating and her television were still on. Newspaper reports offered few details of Joyce’s life - not even a photograph.

Who was Joyce Vincent? And how could this happen to someone in our day and age, the so-called age of communication? Dreams of a Life is Carol Morley’s (the film's Director) quest to discover who Joyce was and how she came to be so forgotten.

Morley places adverts in newspapers, on the Internet and on the side of a London taxi and discovers Joyce’s former friends, lovers and colleagues. Their testimonies, together with re-imagined scenes from Joyce’s life, form a multilayered portrait of Joyce, and an insight into the world she inhabited.

Dreams of a Life is about a life lived in modern times. It is a film about Joyce Vincent and a film about ourselves; about how much and yet how little we may ever know each other.

Raks's Review

I can write this film up very briefly and quickly. Joyce Vincent was the same as me and many of the people I know - a single woman in her 30s/40s, with no husband/partner or children, living and working in London, but with a family (parents and siblings) and a wide and diverse network of friends, whom she had met through work and other social activities. She was outgoing, fun, attractive and popular. But in 2003 she died alone in her bedsit and no one noticed that she was now missing and absent from their lives. She was only found three years later when the police broke into her flat to repossess it due to mounting rent arrears.

The thought this prompted in me is exactly what kind of society are we living in when someone like Joyce can just die and vanish from the lives of her family and her friends and no one notices and (seemingly) no one cares?

Also, could this happen to me?!
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