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Rev: Gay Bishops - Yes or No?

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I was going to write about Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker which I saw this evening, but I have also just caught up on the latest episode of Rev, and I have decided to prioritise Rev. I will run the Nutcracker feature at the weekend.

I have previously said that Rev tackles hard-hitting social issues within a light entertainment programme. Tonight, they tackled equalities issues. There are many stories running in each half-hour episode of Rev; they pack a lot in. One of the stories today was that the archdeacon was gay. The archdeacon was trying to keep his relationship quiet as he had his sights firmly set on being Bishop of Stevenage. According to Rev, and I am assuming this is correct as I know the Rev creative team do their research, Church Law (Anglican) states that you can be made a Bishop even if you are gay, provided that you are celibate. At the actual interview, however, the archdeacon decides to tell the truth (good on him!) and tells the interview panel that he is in an active gay relationship with a man that he loves more than words (my heart melted). That effectively put an end to his chances of ever being a Bishop.

And I suppose what I wanted to say about that was - why should people have to hide their sexuality? why should anyone be penalised within the Church for telling the truth? what makes a straight Bishop, by definition, in any way better than a gay Bishop? how is this right, let alone fair? what happened to equality? I thought we were living in 2011?

I know the Anglican Church is embroiled at the moment in discussing and debating women Bishops. I have no real interest in that. I do have an interest in this issue!

Rev is here:

My previous feature on Rev is here:
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