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London Walks

The new London Walks Winter-Spring 2011/12 leaflet, covering November 1 to April 30, is out. Belatedly, I am running a promo for them.

I did two London Walks with Richard IV in February 2011. Richard IV is the London Walks's Sherlock specialist.

Below is the feedback that I provided on the Walks, which is now on the London Walks Website here:

Rakshita Patel - London
February 2011

Yesterday, me and a friend did Richard IV's "In the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes" walk, which Richard runs every Friday afternoon. Today, I did Richard IV's "Sherlock Holmes saves the Nation" walk, which he does as a one-off every now and again. I have also done Richard IV's Arthur Conan Doyle walk in the past.

Having done these walks, I felt compelled to write in and say that I think Richard IV is an excellent guide - one of the best - he is superb. All the walks were excellent and I loved every minute of them (even though the second was plagued with rain!). I have done a few London walks and have enjoyed each and every one and have recommended the company to friends and family. But Richard IV is the best guide I have had. He is knowledgeable, informed and entertaining. Thank you Richard IV!

Therefore, I am highly recommending the "In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes" Walk. The Walk runs every Friday, starting at 2pm from Embankment Tube station. More details about the Walk is available on the London Walks website. Follow the link:

Richard IV is also doing a couple of one-off walks this season. They are:

10.45am Sunday 18 December
The Arthur Conan Doyle Walk: The Adventures of Sherlock's Creator
Piccadilly Circue by Eros Statue

12 noon Monday 26 December
The Sherlock Holmes Christmas Mystery Walk
Tottenham Court Road, Exit 3

2.30pm Sunday 26 February
Sherlock Holmes Saves the Nation! The Great Detective in Westminster
Green Park, North Exit

The home page of the London Walks website is here for general information about the company and their Walks:
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