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Britz - Sohail's Story and Nasima's Story, BFI

Photo credit: http://www.bfi.org.uk/whatson/bfi_southbank/film_programme/december_seasons/peter_kosminsky_making_mischief/britz_part_1_sohails_s

I saw this when it was originally screened on Channel 4 in 2007 and it is outstanding. It is a powerful drama, with standout performances, that tackles issues facing the Muslim communities today, in the light of Radical Islam. I am seeing it again next Monday (19 December) when it is being screened at the BFI as part of the Peter Kosminsky Season. I am highly highly highly recommending it.

Cut and pasted from the BFI website:

Two siblings in two films portray two very different sides to Muslim life in modern-day Britain

Winner of the BAFTA Best Drama Serial and written as well as directed by Kosminsky, this is his first totally fictional work, a complex interlocking story of the reaction of a brother and sister, brought up as Muslims in contemporary Britain, to perceived Islamic terrorism.

Sohail's Story portrays a young Muslim man embracing his British identity to the extent that he is willing to help the British establishment weed out what he sees as those ungrateful enough to turn on their own country.

Nasima's Story shows how an accumulation of heavy-handed victimisation by the British authorities and the extreme experiences of family and friends subject to new anti-terrorist legislation leads to her own fateful radicalisation, although she is bought up in the same environment as her brother.

Kosminsky asks the discomforting question: in permitting institutionalised victimisation of Muslims, are we not all to blame for the radicalisation of Britain's Islamic youth?

For more information and to book tickets follow the link:
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