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Good Luck for Tomorrow Richard!

Photo credit: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/good-luck-symbols.html

Four-Leaf Clover
A four leaved clover is rarely seen and, hence, is considered a good luck symbol. It is believed that finding such a clover leaf brings lots of luck. The first leaflet is for faith, the second for hope, the third represents love, while the fourth one stands for luck. In Irish culture, the 3 leaved clover, also called "Shamrock", was used to represent the Holy Trinity, by Saint Patrick. One leaflet is for Father, one for Son and the third for the Holy Spirit. And when a Shamrock bears a fourth leaflet, it represents God's grace.

The cultural highlight of my year is happening tomorrow, on Saturday 10 December.

- Mark Gatiss in Season's Greetings
- Benedict Cumberbatch in Frankenstein
- Matthew Fox in In A Forest, Dark and Deep
- Andrew Scott in Emperor and Galilean, and
- Ralph Fiennes in The Tempest

Tomorrow (Saturday), a very special person is performing live in a local Church, as part of an amateur choir based in South West London. He is a tenor in the Choir and this is the first time I will hear him sing (I am hoping it won't be the last!). I have been looking forward to the concert for eons and I am really looking forward to hearing and seeing him sing.

So I just wanted to say - wishing you the very best of luck - do NOT break a leg!
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