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Pilot vs Pink

Time for a discussion!!!

And I am going to start a discussion on Pilot vs Pink. There are no real meaty articles on this but this is something of a taster from Mark Lawson:

And this is what Mark and Steven said at the Q&A at the Clapham Picturehouse:

They discussed the changes that had been made to make it from 60 mins to 90 mins. The flat became messier and – of course – acquired THE WALLPAPER!!! Mark made the comment about Mrs Hudson originally running the sandwich shop next door but that not working out so it was ditched. Steven said that he had no regrets re moving from the pilot to the final version. The pilot he felt had been amazing when he had seen it, but he felt that it was pale and slight next to the screened version. Mark said that the one line that he regretted losing from the pilot was the line “all the rest is transport” as this to him was a line that summed up Sherlock ie a portable brain!!!

So to open discussion:

- Which do you personally prefer and why? - the Pilot or A Study in Pink?
- What do people like about the Pilot? Are there things in the Pilot that are missing from the screened version that you would like to have retained?
- Why is the screened version bigger and better? (to quote Steven)

That should be enough to get people started!!!

I will let the discussion run over the course of the week and chip in my contribution at some point over the weekend.
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