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In the Night, In the Dark, by Roger Johnson

Roger Johnson, the Editor of The Sherlock Holmes Journal, has got a new book out. Roger was far too modest to tell me this himself. I found out completely randomly through reading a write-up of the recent event where Roger interviewed Anthony Horowitz, the author of the new Sherlock Holmes novel "The House of Silk", at the Btitish Library.

I do not have Roger's book and I have not read it but I am going to recommend it because Roger is an excellent writer and I love reading his writing both in The Sherlock Holmes Journal and The District Messenger. He has also been very supportive of me and my blog, so I am returning the favour!

You can buy Roger's book here for £9.24:

Cut and pasted from the Amazon website:

Tales of phantoms, demons and alien gods, including all the stories from the out-of-print collection A Ghostly Crew: Tales from the Endeavour, winner of the Dracula Society's Children of the Night Award for 2001.
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