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Public sector strike day: Wednesday 30 November

Photo credit: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-pictures/Public+sector+strikes+across+the+country-latest.do?id=23384053&page=2

I was on the march today, opposing cuts to public services. I chose to carry the banner of the Coalition of Resistance and to march with them (my banner is the one featured in the photo above).

So who are the Coalition of Resistance (CoR) and what do they stand for?

Cut and pasted from the CoR website:
The Coalition of Resistance (COR) is a broad movement against the ConDem government’s malicious attempts to dismantle the Welfare State. Basically we are seeking to develop and sustain an umbrella organisation to bring together the local and national campaigns to defend the education, NHS, pensions, housing and the Welfare State.

Follow the link for more information:

Selected chants that we were using and that I am encouraging you to use, as and when the opportunity arises:

When they say cutback, We say fightback. Cutback. Fightback. Cutback. Fightback. Cut Cut Cutback. Fight Fight Fightback.

No ifs, No buts, Stop the cuts.

When they say warfare, We say welfare. Warfare. Welfare. Warfare. Welfare. War war warfare. Well well welfare.

1234 Tax the rich, not the poor. 5678 Money for the welfare state.

Cut and pasted from the BBC news site:

Public sector strike to be 'largest for a generation'.

Unions say the strike is set to be the biggest single day of industrial unrest since the Winter of Discontent. Public sector workers around the UK are staging a strike over pensions in what unions say could be the biggest walkout for a generation. Thousands of schools are closed and hospital operations have been cancelled. Courts and government offices are among disrupted services.

Follow the link for the full story:
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