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Eastenders: Branning Week Concludes

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What a week. The Branning storylines were exceptional. Cancer. Euthanasia. Marriage. Family.

What follows is a very personal reaction, in particular to tonight's (Friday's) episode.

Max and Tanya always have been, despite all their ups and downs, made for eachother. Today's episode showed what deep and true love really is and that is being there for your partner/spouse in their hour of darkest need, when you are most needed but when it is also the hardest thing to do because it is breaking your heart to see them in such pain. I have direct personal experience of this happening - me being both on the giving and receiving end. At the close of tonight's episode, Max was Tanya's shelter in the midst of a torrential storm. I used to be married, I am now single. One day, I would like to have a man in my life again because I miss having a soulmate and a companion. I also miss having shelter. Illness, of a completely different kind to cancer, eventually killed off my marriage. I hope with all my heart that it does not do the same to Max and Tanya - I have a feeling that it won't. I want them to have the happy ending. They deserve it.

I returned to Albert Square after a long period of absence especially for Branning week - I have been down the Queen Vic all five evenings this week. As predicted by captivebird, having returned to the Queen Vic and Albert Square, and thoroughly enjoyed my return, I am not leaving anytime soon.

Welcome back into my life Max Branning and Eastenders! Make yourselves at home.

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